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52 Home Remedies for Teenage Acne

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52 Home Remedies for Teenage Acne

Acne is an inflammatory condition of the sebaceous glands. Usually, the lesions are located on the face, neck, chest and shoulders.

Acne usually occurs during adolescence because of the hormonal changes that occur during this period. So much so that almost six out of ten young people between 12 and 24 years suffer from some degree of acne.

However, it can also occur in older women who take contraceptives and in middle age as it’s related, somewhat with normalization of bowel function. This type of acne is called adult acne
Other reasons that can cause acne are genetic, eating certain foods, using fat-based cosmetics and even stress.

Here are several remedies for acne that are traditional, homemade, popular and widely used to combat acne:

Remedy for acne # 1: Cut a regular sized carrot and then cook it with the least amount of water possible. Then puree and allow to cool and then apply it on the affected areas for about 20 minutes.cb7f7462-3c50-4ca8-aac4-da1acecf947d

Remedy for acne # 2: Apply several times a day, the pulp of aloe or aloe vera on acne pimples.aloe-vera-with-egg-white

Remedy for acne # 3: Squeeze a lemon and place one or two drops of the juice of directly on the skin. This action can only be done at night because daytime lemon juice can stain the skin.lemon-skin-face

Remedy for acne # 4: In the case of adults who suffer from constipation is recommended, that you overcome this problem this evil, because then acne will also disappear. It is recommended that you drink sage tea three times a day for a purifying effect.sage-tea

Remedy for acne # 5: Rub with raw garlic several times a day the area of the face where acne is located.garlic-for-face

Remedy for acne # 6: Mix 1/2 cup boric alcohol (half rubbing alcohol and half distilled water) with the pulp of crushed garlic. Marinate 1 to 2 days prior to use. Apply with gauze on the acne pimple pustule.boric

Remedy for acne # 7: Perform baths with a plantain . To do this, you should try a handful of these leaves which must be cooked in 1 liter of water for 5 minutes. After that time, strain the water and add it to the bath water.plantain-video-still

Remedy for acne # 8: Soak a cotton swab or cotton swab in alcohol and apply directly to an acne pimple. Alcohol has a strong drying action which will help remove the grain but is only recommended for use once a day.alcohol

Remedy for acne # 9: Soak for twelve hours a spoonful of dandelion root in 1/4 liter of water. Boil, strain and drink in small sips while fasting.dandelion-root

Remedy for acne # 10: Apply in the morning and at night on the affected area moistened gauze.

Remedy for acne # 11: Peel a cucumber and then grate or cut it into very thin slices and soak in rum. Apply to the affected areas for 20 minutes.cucumber

Remedy for acne # 12: Mix 1/2 cup of milk and three tablespoons of oats, stir until thickened. Cool the oats before applying them to the face for 15 minutesoat

Remedy for acne # 13: Apply a paste made of baking soda mixed with vinegar diluted apple cider, and then complete a clean water rinse.apple-cider-vinegar-1024x768

Remedy for acne # 14: Mix 7 drops of tea tree oil, 1 tablespoon rosewood, 7 tablespoons lavender Soak this mixture in gauze and apply over the skin which has been cleaned with mild colorless and scentless soap. Do this 2 to 4 times a day over the acne pimples.lavendar

Remedy for acne # 15: Place 1 tablespoon of comfrey leaves or root in a cup of boiling water. Cover and let stand for 5 minutes. Strain and drink 3 cups a day. Comfrey contains allantoin which is credited with healing properties to eliminate many skin conditions.comfrey-leaves

Remedy for acne # 16: Wash your face before bed and then apply a little toothpaste on the pimples. Leave on overnight and wash your face next morning to remove any remaining toothpaste.toothpaste

Remedy for acne # 17: Combine equal parts of sarsaparilla root, bark guaiac, and dandelion root. Then, place 1 tablespoon of the mixture in 1 cup of water. Boil about 5 minutes and let rest for 10 minutes. Drink one cup a day.

Remedy for acne # 18: Peel an orange skin and let it marinate for one day in the water. At night, grate the orange skin and mix with 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt and 2 tablespoons of oatmeal until you have a smooth paste. Apply as a mask on the face for 15 minutes. Make this mask 2 times a week.orange-slice-and-face-of-woman

Remedy for acne # 19: Pour in one cup water and 2 tablespoons dried basil leaves until the water is boiling. Cover, cool and strain. Wash your face with this tea, especially the areas with acne.basilpack

Remedy for acne # 20: Pour 3 tablespoons of tea leaves in 1/2 cup of boiling water. Cover, drain and let stand for 5 minutes. Add 1 cup of green clay and mix to a smooth paste. Apply a thin layer of this mask with fingertips on clean, dry skin, avoiding the eye area and mouth. Leave on for 20 minutes and remove with lukewarm water.green-clay-powder

Remedy for acne # 21: Mix together 1 tablespoon ground oats, 1 yogurt, juice of one lemon juice and 1 tablespoon honey until a smooth cream. Apply the mask to the face with fingertips, avoiding the eye area and mouth and do a gentle circular massage, concentrating on the chin, nose, and forehead. Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse with cool water.oatmeal-face-pack

Remedy for acne # 22: Pour 1 teaspoon of thought and 1 tablespoon juniper in 1 cup of boiling water. Remove from heat, cover the pan and let stand for 10 minutes. Filter the infusion. Drink 1 cup of this tea in the morning on an empty stomach and once in the evening before dinner. This remedy is a cleansing drink that removes the toxins in the body which may contribute to the formation of acne.juniper-face-and-body-oil

Remedy for acne # 23: Boil for 5 minutes 1 cup of water containing 3 tablespoons of dried birch bark. Cover and let cool for 15 minutes. Filter and moisten a clean muslin cloth with the mixture and place on the affected area.birch-bark1

Remedy for acne # 24: Grate some horseradish, which is rich in sulfur, and marinate in cider vinegar for 12 hours. Apply the liquid to the facial area.horseradish

Remedy for acne # 25: Apply papaya directly to the area affected by acne and let it set for 10 minutes. Then, rinse with fresh water.papaya

Remedy for acne # 26: Boil 2 handfuls of peas in the pod in 1 liter of water for 10 minutes. Strain and add 3 tablespoons of chamomile. Cover and let cool. Wash your face 3 times a day with this preparation.peas

Remedy for acne # 27: Crush 3 large cabbage leaves and keep the obtained liquid. Soak a cotton ball. Dab it on pimples or acne pimplescabbage

Remedy for acne # 28: Prepare a mixture equally with fumaric, sarsaparilla and hops. Drink 2 cups a day. The same infusion can be applied locally on the affected part of the face.fumaric

The remedy for acne # 29: Wash your face every day with 1/2 liter of mineral water, mixed with 1 cup of vinegar and a tablespoon of salt.washing-face

Remedy for acne # 30: Press as acupressure.  Locate with a fingernail the two points under the bottom edge of each eye socket in line with the center of the iris and into the cheek. Hold these points for a minute. Perform this remedy three times a day for a clearer and more radiant skin.accupressure-face

Remedy for acne # 31: Try Kali pronotum 6X 3 times daily until improvement is noticed. This remedy is highly recommended if you suffer from itchy acne. A similar dose of sulfur can reduce acne in a person who sweats a lot, and has hard and rough skin. If you have pimples filled with pus, a dose of Antimonium tart 6X three times a day until you notice an improvement. All of these are homeopathic remedies.kali-pronotum-6x

Remedy for acne # 32: Mix one part beet juice (beet), three parts of carrot juice and two parts water to help clean the skin from the inside outbeet-juic

Remedy for acne # 33: Mix 1 tablespoon of green clay powder and 1 tablespoon rose water until a stiff dough. Apply to face especially in areas with blackheads and pimples. Leave it until it hardens slightly, then remove with a little water.

Remedy for acne # 34: Mix 1/2 teaspoon of oatmeal, 1/2 teaspoon of blue cornmeal, oil 1 drop lemon , 1 drop of ylang-ylang oil and add enough water or honey to form a paste. Massage the skin clean with this paste for a minute. Rinse.ylangylangessentialoil

Remedy for acne # 35: Cut a celery and 2 radishes into pieces and then wash 2 leaves of Swiss chard. Put in a blender with a little water. Blend briefly. Use this remedy as a mask on areas affected by acne.celery

Remedy for acne #: 36 Mix equal parts, thyme, chamomile, horsetail, and sage. Take 2 tablespoons of this mixture and pour into a container with 1/4 liter of water. Keep on heat until it begins to boil. Perform vapors with steam three times daily with at least a 15-minute session.chamomile-002

Remedy for acne # 37 Make a concentrated concoction of 150 g of fresh burdock roots in 1 liter of water and boil for 20 minutes. Apply the preparation with a cotton on the pimples.burdock-roots

Remedy for acne # 38 Marinate 100 g of fresh lavender flowers in 1 liter of vinegar for 10 days, then strain. Pour 1 tablespoon water and rinse the face.lavender-flower-isolated-stock-photo-spa

Remedy for acne # 39: Eat salad of washed, chopped fresh green leaves and wild garlic. This is a blood purifier that cleanses the skin of impurities such as acne.salad

Remedy for acne # 40: Mix 1 teaspoon of sandalwood powder and 1/2 tablespoon of water to form a paste. Apply on the pimples and leave on overnight. Upon waking, remove it with cool water.sandalwood_paste_for_skin_care_153

Remedy for acne # 41: Eat 2 cups of wheatgrass juice (also called wheatgrass) every day in order to cleanse the body of internal impurities that can be expressed by pimples and blackheads.wheatgrass-juice

Remedy  for acne # 42: Place on a cotton stick a little balm of copaiba   and apply directly on acne pimples.copaiba-15ml-essential-oil-young-living

Remedy  for acne # 43: Soak up with the colloidal silver cane, cotton and apply over acne pimples.silver-cane

Remedy  for acne # 44:  Mix with sufficient water, 1 tablespoon of goldenseal chopped and crushed, 2 tablespoons green clay and 2 or 3 drops of oil of tea tree into a paste. Apply it on acne pimples and leave on all night. This remedy not only dries the fat that causes acne but also kills bacteria that exists with this skin problem.goldenseal

Remedy  for acne # 45: Cut the root of the sorrel into pieces and enter up to half a bottle, then fill the bottle with strong white vinegar and leave for 2 days as well.sorrel-drink

Remedy for acne # 46: Boil in a pint of water 50 g of spinach leaves for 10 minutes. Allow to stand and soak some gauze with the liquid. Place on the affected area. Do this several times until acne pimples are reduced.spinach

Remedy for acne # 47: Place in a liter of water several artichoke leaves, 30 g of sage leaves and 20 g of horsetail and boil for 10 minutes. Strain and drink throughout the day. This remedy is considered detoxifying and aims to cleanse the body of toxins that can accumulate and cause different disorders, including acne.artichokes_bkgrd

Remedy for acne # 48: Blend with a little water, a handful of fresh watercress, washed beforehand, and then apply on the face as a mask. Leave it on for 20 minutes then rinse with warm water.watercress

Remedy for acne # 49: Pour into a liter of boiling water 30 g of arnica flowers and cover until cool. Strain and apply as a compress on the affected area. Perform this remedy several times a day.arnica-flowers

Remedy for acne # 50: Apply milk of magnesia  on a cotton bud to the area where the acne is and let set overnight. Remove with warm water in the morning.milk-of-magnesia

Remedy for acne # 51: 1 tablespoon maize and one chamomile  in a cup of water. Use this tea, pouring, and water to wash your face every day.chamomile

Remedy for acne # 52: Encourage as reflexology, either once a day or all of the following:

  • On each shoulder, press and massage the outer edge of the cavity which is just below the collarbone.
  • Fold the left arm at an angle of 45 degrees. Use your right thumb to press the point where the bend of the elbow, on the outer arm, ends. Repeat with the right arm.
  • Close the left fist, leaving the thumb against the index finger extended. With your right thumb, press or massage the protrusion formed between the thumb and forefinger. Repeat with the other hand.

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Some health tips for those who have acne:

Beware of fatty products. If you have acne skin, avoid the thick moisturizers and cleansers that are based on oil. If you have any doubts about the compound, you should leave the bottle of moisturizer or cleanser on the counter.

If a separation is made, it is formulated in water. If, however, it remains the same, this compound has an oil base.

Another simple test that can be done is to determine oily cosmetics, is to rub a little makeup on a white sheet of paper, commonly used in an office. Leave it for 24 hours and it should then be an oily stain. The bigger the stain, the more oil the makeup.

No peel. People with acne should not peel because this will further irritate the skin on the face.

Prefer loose powder makeup. Use powder and loose powder rather than rouges. There is no problem with eye makeup and lipsticks because acne usually does not affect these areas.

Eat a diet of fruits and vegetables. Avoid fatty foods and chocolates and, instead, change to a diet which includes raw foods, especially fruits and vegetables, sprouted seeds and grains.

Make facial saunas. People suffering from acne can do facial saunas. They must cover their head with a towel and lean over a bowl of a steaming infusion of a mixture of red or purple clover and strawberry leaves.

Practice relaxation and imagery if you suffer from acne stress. Imagine yourself standing in a large open green grass field on a perfect day. Imagine reaching for the sun. Note that your arms are stretched as they reach the sky, palms up. The sun’s rays penetrate the palms of your hands and circulate them and their fingers and beyond her fingertips so that there is a glimmer beyond the tip of each finger. If you are right, you see a small hand at the end of each beam on the fingertips of your right hand and five small eyes at the end of each beam on the fingertips of your left hand (If you are left-handed, reverse the order).

Point five small hands and eyes to the area where acne is located. Use your eyes to emit light so you can see what you are doing and take a golden brush with fine bristles with one of the small hands. Carefully clean and scrape acne marks in the whole area. With another small hand, shine a blue laser light directly on the cleaned area and observe the skin heal. Realize that while you do this, acne is permanently clearing. Use a third small hand to apply a balm of blue sky and sunlight in the area to keep the skin clean and dry. Open your eyes. It is recommended that you practice this imagery three times a day for three to five minutes each session, three cycles of 21 days and 7 days off.

See your doctor if …

  • Your skin becomes severely inflamed, with a reddish or purple appearance (purple).
  • It has proven over the counter drugs have not yielded any results.
  • The grains are forming scars after healing …

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10 Home Remedies for adult acne

Puberty is characterized by the appearance of annoying and visible pimples or acne due to hormonal changes typical of aging.

However, this condition sometimes goes beyond the school years and this is known as adult acne. This type of acne may appear, at 20, 30, 40 years or more.

The prevalence of acne in adults is higher in women, with 11% to 12%, while it only affects 3% of men which is according to the “prevalence of facial acne in adults” study in the UK. Other studies have found that when women aged between 25 and 50 years are smokers, more often their appearance. Also, the hereditary factor is responsible for adult acne.

The causes of adult onset acne can be different. Outbreaks could be generated by external factors such as using hair products that are rich in oils or cosmetics that clog the pores.

It could also be generated by hormonal factors: small ovarian cysts, tumors of the adrenal glands, medications such as antidepressants that raise prolactin producing buds and even a very rich shampoo cocoa oil, macadamia and coconut is absorbed by the scalp and there goes the sebaceous glands causing an outbreak.

The consumption of vegetable origin could also cause an outbreak of acne. Woman taking plant hormones, because chemicals you do not want to take hormones or drink milk containing soy isoflavones which are plant hormones, may also have buds if you use soy lecithin.

Remedy for acne in adult # 1: Mix 1 cup plain yogurt, 2 tablespoons of oatmeal and 2 tablespoons of honey in a bowl until blended well. Manage the ointment on the skin evenly. Let stand for 30 minutes, rinse with warm water and then moisturize with a non-greasy moisturizer. This remedy improves skin conditions and has antibacterial properties.

Remedy for acne in adult # 2: Mix 1 tablespoon peanut oil, the juice of 1/2 lemon and 1 tablespoon honey in a bowl, to make a smooth paste. Spread a layer of the mixture on the face, until dry and then rinse with warm water and mild soap. This remedy can prevent new outbreaks of acne.

Remedy for acne in adult # 3: Apply slices of tomato on your face for 15 minutes, which works as an astringent and, at the same time is refreshing.

Remedy for acne in adult # 4: Mix 1 teaspoon honey and 1 tablespoon cinnamon into a paste. Apply to face, especially the area that suffers from constant breakouts. Remove with warm water after 10 minutes. This remedy moisturizes, cleans pores, reduces inflammation granite and has a little vitamin A and E.

Remedy for acne in adult # 5: Crush a handful of neem leaves, also called Indian Lilac, to form a thick paste, spread over the face, leave it in place for half an hour and rinse. Save leftovers in an airtight glass jar in the refrigerator. This remedy has fungicidal properties.

Remedy for acne in adult # 6: Mix 1 tablespoon ground nutmeg, 1 tablespoon of cold milk to make a paste. Place, using a cotton bud and leave for 30 minutes. This remedy works as an ointment that makes pimples disappear as if by magic, without a trace.

Remedy for acne in adult # 7: Grind the peel of an orange until reduced to dust. Mix with water and once you get a cream, distribute evenly and generously on the skin, leave for 30 minutes and rinse.

Remedy for acne in adult # 8: Boil two quarts of water until only one liter 70 g of rhizome grass of pharmacies, 50 g of red sarsaparilla root, 50 g greater burdock root and 50 g condurango bark (all ingredients previously washed). Then, strain, distribute it into 8 pieces and take four days at a rate of 2 times daily for 16 consecutive days; rest 10 days and again take another 16 days, ie 32 days altogether. This remedy is considered detoxifying for the body and helps remove impurities to form the inner skin.

Remedy for acne in adult # 9: Boil in 2 liters of water until reduced to 1 liter 60g greater plantain, 60 g of marigold flowers, yarrow 30 g and 30 g of Trinitarian. Strain and distribute into 8 pieces to take four days at a rate of 2 times daily for 16 consecutive days; rest 10 days and again take another 16 days, ie 32 days altogether. This remedy is a cleanser that helps fight chronic rashes such as those of adult acne.

Remedy for acne in adult # 10: Mix a handful of clay with rose water until it forms a compact paste. Apply to face, as a mask, and leave in place when it dries. Remove with warm water.


Do not touch the pimple pus. Do not handle any injuries in the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin), because it is very dangerous, there could be a backlash.

See a specialist, either a dermatologist or endocrinologist if after applying the remedies outlined above, your acne breakouts continue.

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