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Acne No More eBook – The Honest & True Review

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Face is the most sensitive and attractive part of our body that depicts our personality. Everyone wants to have bright, glowing, clean, acne free skin but with the age and due to many other factors people get acne such as in teenager people get acne during puberty period for short time while in youngsters people get acne because of changing hormones. Moreover there are many expensive and promising skin care creams are also available in market that promises you of giving impeccable acne free skin but leaves various side effects on skin and especially acne.

Acne is not just a common skin problem that can be avoided. It can be one of the reason to decrease your confidence, self esteem and can leave scars or marks also for lifetime if not get treated on time. So to remove those acne marks from roots and stopping them from causing again Mike Walden has presented a book on “Acne No More” with easiest home remedies and few processes to get rid of unwanted acne.

People who are looking for that one permanent solution that they can use to remove acne marks can now relax as Mike Walden provides the easiest way that anyone can follow without putting in so much of efforts.


What is Acne No More?



Acne No More is a book of 220 pages written by Mike Walden to help all those people be it man or woman who want a permanent fix for their acne problem. This complete program by Mike provide all instructions in steps to get rid of acne without using expensive and high branded skin creams, lotions or pills.

Unlike other treatments such as Clearasil, Proactive and other temporary solutions that people use to cure acne which causes severe negative experiences such as skin redness, itching, skin eruption and many more. In proactive treatment acne fighting system is generated in body in a way that stops acne to grow but as soon as its effect end acne comes back with time. Similarly Clearasil also provide temporary resistance to fight acne but with time when its effects decreases you will get acne again. So don’t get trap in these temporary solutions and get delve into an Acne No More solution.

What is Acne No More Book in Detail?

Unlike other books and programs which focuses on symptoms of acne or pills, lotions that makes the problem worse rather than solving it. Whereas this “Acne No More Book” primarily focuses on acne itself that is a major symptom of causing several others severe problems in your body such as unhealthy diet or hormonal imbalance. Keeping this in mind he presented various good ways such as healthy diet to follow to cleansing the body internally, a daily routine to follow with some exercises to make skin healthy and glowing and ways to reduce stress as first and primary thing to cure acne.

  • Instead of lotions and pills walden came up with effective, healthy and in toxic commonly using topical gels that are easily available to find to treat acne. These gels will make your skin oil free by reducing the amount of oil generation in your skin and by providing the cooling effect. In respect to which oil that clogs the pore and gives rise to acne will stop and you will get an acne free skin. It is the easy way to follow as topical gels are not too expensive and easily available in market.
  • Walden mentioned that keeping your body hydrated is the primary need to have a healthy body and if you have a healthy body then there is no need of any other treatment. Like this there are other several natural methods mentioned in book such as improved regular healthy diet and exercise routine. In healthy diet one can include natural fresh fruits, vegetables, juices and healthy drinks such as green tea, aloevera juice etc. these fiber rich food increases the amount of liquid in body that flushes out the unwanted toxins from body and maintains balance between body hormones that leads toward clear and glowing skin.
  • One more thing on which walden focused is junk food that should be avoided if you have acne problem as the ingredients of junk food gives rise to acne growth. Junk food, packed food or cold drinks comes out in a way of pus from body.


Pros and Cons of accepting methods mentioned in book:


This book contains all logical sayings that are related with science and practical knowledge. There are no imaginary things or unnecessary pills or medicines mentioned anywhere in book every method is based on the processes that verified and used before.

Many people who have accepted the methods mentioned in this book have really seen benefits and following those methods now also. You can also take benefits from the methods mentioned in this book in time frame of minimum 72 hours even though it won’t remove the pimples that you already have but at the same time you will notice that there will no acne growing on your skin.



  • As all the methods mentioned in this book are scientifically and clinically proven so you can assured that it won’t cause you any harm. Moreover all the products that are being mentioned and the methods that are used completely natural which don’t show any side effects.



  • This book primarily focuses on the basic causes that include unhealthy diet, disturbed daily routine, hormonal imbalance or mismatched life style. There are several other causes also that can cause acne which are not included in this book. So it is the major drawback of this book that few people suffering from other than these reasons don’t find it helpful at all.
  • One other thing is that this book is available online only so to get this book either you have to reach their official website or you can read it through eBook which is also online available. On the other hand if you want to purchase it from any book store than it is not possible.
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