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Best Acne Treatments for Men

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Man can also be prone to acne, and even though most men remember acne as a juvenile memory, however, some others are not so lucky and have to deal with the burden of acne during their adults like bringing them discomfort and scarring. Here are the 5 Best Acne Treatments for men, that will help you get rid of the problem from its source.

Differences between Acne on Men and Women


Although most people think that Acne is a condition mostly present on women, the reality is that men are equally affected by it. The difference is that Acne on men appears as a result of the use of rough shaving products or the overproduction of fat due to male hormones. Also due to the fact that Men skin is thicker and greasier, Men skin is more prone to scaring and because of this differences between Men and Women skin it has to be treated differently in order to get the best results.

Here are the 5 Best Acne Treatments for Men

Cleaning And Exfoliation


Acne control starts with a process of cleansing for the skin(even for men)  that must be done at least twice a day, through a thorough and gentle cleaning of the skin. Due to the fact that man is prone to having greasy skin the best way to go about it is to use a product specifically made for greasy skin.

Exfoliation is as important as the cleaning but has to be done only twice a week. Exfoliation helps prevent the accumulation of dead skin cells and dirt in the skin, therefore preventing acne. However, excessive exfoliation will rid the skin of its moisture.

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There is no lack of creams or hydrating lotions for women, however since men skin is thicker it is recommended again to use a product made specifically for men. The skin should be hydrated after cleaning, exfoliation and shaving, and be sure to avoid products that contain Vaseline or mineral oils since we are trying to get rid of grease in the first place.

The Art of Shaving

The Art of Shaving

In general, Men are not known for their organized behaviors,  as men we tend to be in a hurry and shaving is one of those activities that we just want to get off our back to get started on our days. This doesn´t mean that Shaving is not the only reason you may have acne, but it could definitely be helping it, especially if you shave in a hurry, always use a sharp razor, make sure to apply only the necessary pressure and also use an alcohol-free after shave.

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Home Remedy

Home Remedy

I´m not a big fan of home remedies, but this one seems to work for my friends so I’ll share it. Make a paste using Sodium Bicarbonate and water, then apply it on the acne and let it sit over night, then clean it off with clean water in the morning. After you clean the paste off, put a hot moist towel over the are, in theory, this will allow your pores to open and so that they can be cleaned effectively.

Like I said, I’m not a big fan of home remedies and grandmother stories, but it seems to work weather it does because it actually opens your pores or for whatever reason (does it matter?) so I guess its worth a shot.

Change your Diet!


This is probably the most important treatment on this list, as they say, we are what we eat, and changing your eating habits is striking your acne at its very source.

As long as there is acne you should stay away from greasy food and sweets since this kind of foods are immediately transferred to our skin as fat, and stick to a healthy diet and drink lots of water.

Leave the fried food, sweets, and other greasy food at least until your acne free, and switch to more vegetables, fruits, nuts, chicken, and fish would be the proteins of choice and obviously don´t eat them fried, try instead some baked food or maybe grilled, also keep in mind that lactose products are very high in fat, so you Could consider also reducing the consumption of Dairy products.

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As a final note keep in mind that it would be ideal to consult with a dermatologist before applying any products on your skin, to avoid any kind of unwanted secondary effect that might show up. Also in the most extreme cases the ideal treatments come in oral form and sometimes creams that have to be prescribed by a doctor, also keep in mind that this treatment takes a bit of time, so you need to be patient and consistent with them, like going to the gym you will need a couple of weeks to start seeing the results so be patient about it.

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