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Top 10 Places in India to Buy Permanent Wigs for Women

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Every women or men loses hair and it is normal thing to happen with anyone but if its rate significantly become much more than that you loss in daily routine then it is a serious matter to think about. As no one would like it ever and at the moment you realize that you’re losing it at abnormal rate you should go for a treatment.

It is a misconception or we can say commonly more accepted that only men face the problem of hair loss but it is not necessary because women also face this condition of baldness at any age group due to number of reasons. In our society it is expected that only men lose their hair may be because of age or any other problem which is acceptable but when women start losing theirs then it is treated as a major issue. Treating women baldness as a serious issue causes psychological damage which is devastating and can directly affect patient self-confidence, physical health, social life and personal life badly.

Female Pattern Hair Loss:

Top 10 Places in India to Buy Permanent Wigs for Women

The most common cause of pattern hair loss is miniaturization or vanishing of hair follicle in which initially hair thins mainly on top and crown of the scalp then gradually with decrease in total number of follicles hair loss will result into total baldness. In beginning of this problem hair follicle become smaller which produces shorter thinner, brittle hair which eventually stop when hair follicle get closed.


In women hair loss can occur because of several reasons which can be diagnosed by consulting a professional dermatologist. Usually diagnosis is done based on few factors which are as follows:

First and major factor is to find out the root cause of hair loss because of which patient is suffering from baldness problem.

Second factor is to find out the pattern and appearance of hair loss because the pattern in which hair are losing gives a sign towards the reason due to which you are suffering from hair loss.

Third and last factor is to analyze the medical history and to find out if this problem is genetically inherited because sometimes if our parents have hair loss problem then it is transferred to kids as well.

Possible causes of Hair loss:

There can be number of reasons of facing female pattern hair loss which can be either related to genetic disorder or because of hormonal imbalance and aging.

Explore these following possible causes for hair loss:

  1. Menopause:

 Top 10 Places in India to Buy Permanent Wigs for Women


Menopause is not any disease or disorder it is a normal part of every women’s life which usually occurs at the age of 51. It is the time of women last period but its symptoms begin earlier among which hair loss is also a one. The main reason of losing hair at this time is because of estrogen levels begin to drop.

  1. Tension or trauma:

 Top 10 Places in India to Buy Permanent Wigs for Women

Stress or trauma is one of the temporary causes of hair loss which can be seen in few days during the period you are suffering from any kind of stress. In initial stage of stress hair shedding  looks normal and temporary but it can persist for long time if not get treated on time and also can make situation worse.

  1. Improper diet:

 Top 10 Places in India to Buy Permanent Wigs for Women


Following a proper healthy diet is necessary to have healthy body, mind and hair. Shortage of healthy diet and any kind of ignorance in nutritional diet can make you suffer from hair loss. Some of the people take help from supplements to fulfill the amount of protein, vitamin and calcium which is not right actually. It is proved that taking excessive amount of supplements also can cause hair loss so it is necessary to take healthy diet everyday to keep your hair healthy.

  1. Any medical history:

 Medical conditions such as thyroid disease, anemia, diabetes or lupus can also cause hair loss because of hormonal change that occurs during these diseases. These kinds of disease often occur during age of thirty or afterwards which cause sudden hair loss. Besides these diseases other conditions such as chemotherapy which is part of cancer treatment, ringworm or polycystic ovary syndrome can cause hair loss.

Ways to treat Baldness for Indian Women:

The appearance or pattern of baldness differs from person to person and moreover in some cases hair can be re-gained using few home remedies or any treatment. But in some cases people suffer from irreversible baldness issue which demands for a hair wig to have an absolute natural look.

Hair wig is an ultimate way to cover a huge balding area very easily and moreover it will give you a look that you are longing for.

If you are also seeking for a hair wig and want to gain all new and fresh look along with hiding those bald areas then have a look on this:

Hair wigs got two parts among which one is derma base and another one is human hair attached on it. The derma base feels like one’s own skin which is so natural and light weight that it won’t make you feel like something artificial even for once. Its base allows your scalp to breathe, sweat properly through its permeable skin. The best part about this is it can be easily removed whenever you want to and can be easily maintained. Now the hairs which are used in this whole system are natural hair which can be washed, brushed and colored as well according to your choice.

After knowing about this revolutionary hair system you should also know about the three ways of fitting a hair wig to the scalp that are: Clip, Tape and through Surgical Solution.

Top 10 places in India to buy permanent wigs for women:

  1. Allure Hair:

Allure hair from Mumbai is one destination where you can get solution to all your problems. It is one of the best manufacturers of real human hair enhancement for the people who are suffering from hair loss. Allure hair provide every kind of hair wig for women be it of any length, any texture or shape. They prepare customized hair wig according to customer’s demand and they always make sure that the product they make should be of premium quality with on time delivery. This revolutionary system is owned by Yatin Deshpande, a well known name in the industry of hair and makeup stylist. There are many high profile clients, stars and models are involved with Yatin Deshpande and trust him because of his impeccable work.

  1. Indian Remi Hair Extension:

It is one of the renowned manufacturers of hair wigs. Indian Remi produce every kind of Human Hair be it Deep wavy hair, blonde hair, deep curly hair or virgin human hair with promised high quality and on time deadline. There product line owned by Sanjeev Katoch is highly demanded and proved to be as best among millions of other manufacturers of hair wigs because of its exceptional and awe inspiring features.

  1. Unique International:

Unique International from Nagpur Maharashtra is one place where you can find the desired hair wig of premium quality. They are the best providers of hair wigs in whole Nagpur and the owner of unique international Mrs. Richa Jain has vision of pioneers and can provide you right guide with which hair wig will suit you best and other tips regarding that.

  1. Finishing Touch:

Finishing touch is one of the ultimate leading traders or manufacturers of permanent hair wigs for women. They provide customized or ultra-customized hair wigs as per the demand of clients. They also provide customized hair wigs for cancer patient on very affordable price. Finishing touch is the most demanding place to get a non-surgical hair treatment by using wigs and it also provides treatment for hair loss and hair thinning as well. Many Bollywood celebrities and high class business people have taken help from finishing touch. The owner Mr. Naveen Bhandary and his team is putting every possible effort for last thirteen years to make their services better day by day. Their main goal is to provide hair services to everyone who needs it rather than just the people who can afford it.

  1. Excellent hair and skin care institute:

Excellent hair and skin care institute is one of the noticeable company and prominent name in the industry of hair care that provides every kind of service related to hair. From hair patch, hair clips, hair tapes to hair wigs and hair bonding clips excellent hair and skin care center provide each and every service. Surjeet Dolui the leader or owner of organization has best understanding abilities and motivational nature because of which clients have 100 percent trust on his organization.

People form excellent hair and skin care institute try to provide most suitable services to customer which is the main reason why they are able to preserve constant relationship with customer since 2004.

  1. Joker wigs arts and crafts:

There is one big name ‘Joker wigs arts and crafts’ in India for human hair products which is leading in the market continuously for last 20 years.  They create every kind of wig be it full lace wig, lace front wigs, cancer patient wigs or monofilament wigs each of best quality. Their good quality and most suitable services makes them one of the best human hair company in India. Not only in India but all around the world in USA, Africa, France, and UK everywhere they have their clients. Their only moto is to serve their client in best possible way by supplying the desired hair wig according to their preference under the deadline.

  1. S2u Inc:

If you are also looking to buy a hair wig from S2u Inc then you can be assured for the quality of product as their management team takes very good care of quality of product. S2u Inc is now one of the trusted name in market because of its leading skills and qualified team of professionals. Their head office is situated in Hyderabad and all the products that come from there are completely examined based on different parameters. Moreover they know it very well that to sustain in this market they have to maintain high standards and best quality in each product.

  1. Hair life India:

At hair life India one can find custom hair replacement or best non-surgical hair replacement solution if suffering from baldness problem. All hairpiece at Hair life India are made up of 100 percent original human hair, Remy hair or Kanekalon. All Hair wigs at Hair life India are completely handmade with proper care and customized in desired style, design, material, shape, texture and color.

Mr.Pradip Basak the director of hair life from Kolkata takes care of their products personally and make sure that each and every product should go through advanced processing methodology planned by team of expertise or professionals.

  1. k Hair N Wig Designs Pvt Ltd:

S.k Hair N Wig Designs Pvt Ltd from Bengaluru, Karnataka is the first preference of every client due to their exceptionally good services. However it is assurance that if once you try hair life you will not look for any other option. As they provide specially designed custom piece for their customers which help them to retain the style they want.

  1. Remy and virgin human hair exports:

At Remy and virgin human hair exports you can find wide range of impeccable quality hair wigs that are consolidated from latest trends in fashion industry. Hair wigs created at remy and virgin human hair exports are highly demanded, full of shine, smoothness, thick as natural hair because they are created from 100 percent natural human hair. Moreover they are easy to apply and don’t require much maintenance.

Hair wigs from remy and virgin human hair exports are very trendy and extremely stylish because they create each piece under the supervision of fashion experts whom are very professional. This organization is based in Ludhiana, Punjab and owned by Mr. Mohit Garg who is a recognized name in the field of manufacturers and exporters of products related to hairs. His only moto is to reach to every single client with best and most apt services in affordable prices and this is what which gave him loyal clients all across the world from US, Italy, Germany, Spain, France and many more.

  1. Shine hair studio:

Shine hair studio from Hyderabad, Telangana is a leading name in hair industry. They provide every kind of hair wig such as human hair wig, synthetic hair wig, wig clip and many more. Taking care of all points along with focusing on growing demands of fashion industry and these products in market they have made high end quality products which are long lasting, easy and comfortable to wear and skin friendly. After using their handmade hair wig you can feel that lost confidence inside yourself that you had previously. Moreover they ensure that their entire range of products provide optimal satisfaction to the clients.

Mr. Sai the proprietor of whole firm leading this business for last few years and achieved whooping success in this industry. His diverse thinking, professional and disciplined attitude has taken shine hair to different heights.


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