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Are you often stressed about your health? Are you afraid of falling ill or worried of getting a serious illness? Don’t know what this phobia is? Here’s the answer to all your questions.

Health anxiety or illness anxiety disorder is called Hypochondriasis or Nosophobia. The word Nosophobia comes from the combination of Greek words ‘nosos’ and ‘phobos’ which means disease and fear respectively. It is state of constant worry of your health and body even when nothing is wrong. It is just a mental perception despite any medical conditions. In this state person notices even minor bodily changes and believes they have a specific illness which leads to health anxiety.

Hundreds of people around the world face this phobia and are diagnosed under this condition. In some cases even hearing and thinking of a disease may lead to a panic attack.

Causes of Illness Anxiety Disorder:

Mostly people who are more affected by this disorder are the ones who have anxious mindsets or those who have preexisting pituitary gland related disorders. People with chronic diseases, bipolar disorders, depression or obsessive compulsive disorder are also very much prone to getting fear of illness.

The below listed are the major causes of this anxiety disorder:

  • It is mainly seen in cardiovascular patients or people with cancer , tuberculosis etc. because these are the chronic diseases and people suffering from them tend to get depressed and get a fear of getting more severe diseases. People with such diseases overthink and fear whether these diseases would be cured or not.
  • This phobia develops a habit of reacting pessimistically to everything pertaining to sickness. This could arise due to somatic amplification disorder which is related to terms like perception and cognition which makes the person come into a blown out of proportion state compared to the actual risk of the sickness or disease.
  • Watching or reading about incurable diseases causes’ excessive fear of illness.
  • Mothers who are overprotective and over caring for their children even in case of minor heath conditions may unknowingly cause hypochondriasis in children for some diseases.


In case of different patients Hypochondriasis or Nosophobia manifests differently and hence different patients may have different symptoms for this disorder.

Few listed below are the symptoms of hypochondriasis:

  1. There may be physical symptoms to the patient like headaches, body ache, heavy sweating due to nervousness, itching or diarrhea. People very often visit doctors for these symptoms but get more anxious when they don’t get them cured.
  2. As people are so much involved in anxiety of disease that they are disinterested in anything and the constant depression can affect their social life, mental health as well as their sex life majorly. They get irritated and frustrated very easily on small things.
  3. Anxiety is the major symptom of this disorder which ultimately leads to loss of appetite, weight changes or may be over-eating as they might tend to eat more to relief.
  4. Some people get so conscious about the diseases that they keep washing hands and keep taking bath in order to avoid any germs to enter their body or to avoid any bacterial attack. Fear of germs, fungal infections and virus attacks to body is what makes them more anxious.
  5. The fear of disease leads them to try local treatments or alternative therapies. Taking supplements, vitamins or other immunity medicines so prevent illness is a common thing with the patients with this disorder.

How to cure it?

  1. Meditation

Fear of falling ill- How to cure it?

As the major symptom of this disorder is anxiety what can be better than meditation as it produces observable changes within brain waves. People who have phobia or anxiety disorders have beta brain waves overload. Meditation helps increase alpha brain waves and helps in relaxing the brain and diverting it from the fear. Mediation empowers your mental strength and helps overcoming fears and insecurities. The biggest challenge is learning the proper way to practice it. If you follow it properly meditation over a period of time helps your mind to control, cure or significantly minimize anxiety.

  1. Exercise

Fear of falling ill- How to cure it?

Exercises may not help you cure fears of illness but it increases body relaxation and decreases discomfort hence increasing your stamina and immunity to fight diseases. If a person is physically strong then he/she is less prone to diseases. You feel strong from inside and hence don’t think of getting illness. It ultimately gives you positive vibes about your body. Daily cardio for 30 minutes does your job. You need to invest much time in it. Moreover it is a sort of recreational activity for your body which reduces stress and diverts your mind for something more positive thing like fitness.

  1. Yoga

Fear of falling ill- How to cure it?

Yoga is included in one of the best lifestyles you can adopt. It is a gently way of exercising which don’t cause any muscle aches which can cause more worry to people who are suffering from this disorder. It helps you learn how to control stress, anxiety and symptoms of Hypochondriasis such as shortness of breath, high heart rates and it also strengthens your cardiovascular system giving you confidence to fight diseases instead of fearing them. You can train your brain to relax by doing yoga. When you practice yoga on daily basis you feel a sense of relaxation. It not only makes you physically relaxed but also makes you a calmer person.

  1. Face your fears

Fear of falling ill- How to cure it?

The major reason why we get this fear of illness is because we don’t face it. Face it once and you will gain the strength to face it. If you face your fear again and again and feel uncomfortable every time then you have a severe disorder. If you push yourself a bit and get out of your comfort zone to face the illness you may never face this disorder. Once you face any illness and get out of it curing yourself you will realize that it is not that intimidating. This is the best and easiest way to cure this disorder because it enhances your inner strength and gives you the power to keep trying and overcome the fear. Once you give up you will become a slave of your disorder and might not be able to overcome it lifetime. Gain your strength and will to overcome your fears. Face them and defeat them.

  1. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Fear of falling ill- How to cure it?

The cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT combines thinking and behavioral retraining for favorable results. It has three major aspects which includes exposure therapy, cognitive restructuring and relaxation training. Cognitive restructuring includes training the mind in a way that it replaces all the negative thoughts with the positive one. This aspect of training is very helpful in cases of hypochondria as people tend to develop negative thoughts and anxiety about illness.

Relaxation training for the person suffering from this type of phobia includes using of certain tools which combat feeling of stress, anxiety, thoughts of illness and physical discomfort due to illness.  Relaxation training includes controlled breathing exercises, grounding techniques for treating panic attacks and visualization routines. Example may be looking around and naming objects in a room in order to distract mind from the thought of illness and reconnect with reality and overcome self-doubts.

These two aspects of CBT are very helpful in treating hypochondria patients. 

  1. Eat healthy food

Fear of falling ill- How to cure it?

Eating good nutritious food in healthy amounts is not only great for health and body but also prevents diseases by providing immunity to your body. Avoid fatty, oily or high sugar food. Healthy food not only prevents physical discomforts but is also soothing for your stomach. If you eat healthy you tend to get less stomach aches, you stay in perfect shape, prevention of shortness of breath, sluggishness or obesity. Unhealthy eating habits always lead to illness. And if you have a fear of illness eat healthy so that you gain confidence from inside that your body is healthy and less prone to diseases. Consume a balanced diet with appropriate protein contents, vegetables and fruits. Reducing these negative sensations will help you control the psychological distress caused due to bodily symptoms.

  1. Maintain a proper sleep schedule

Fear of falling ill- How to cure it?

Half of your stress is gone if you take a sound sleep. Sleeping well at night maintains your psychological balance, mental peace and physical heath. During sleep the physical sensations are decreased and improves positive thinking in case of hypochondria patients. If because of anxiety you are not able to sleep make a proper bedtime sleep schedule. This sleep schedule includes the timings set for sleep and always be in bed by that time, drink a cup of green tea or herbal tea before bed, read some good positive books till you feel the need to sleep. By doing so you will get time to relax your body properly and ditress yourself while sleep.

  1. Hypnosis

Fear of falling ill- How to cure it?

Hypnosis is basically a recording that instructs you to deeply relax your body and mind. It helps you focus on your thought process and increase confidence and self-esteem by implanting new thoughts. You can do it with help of a professional hypnotherapist or you can do a self-hypnosis by the help of online recordings.  It helps you in your sleep process as well. It is a state of consciousness in which person loses the power of voluntary actions and responds to suggestions and directions. In this therapy it allows the modification of behavior and is very helpful in case of treating hypochondria as patient can discard the fear of illness and as per directions can think positive things and can easily overcome his/her fears about illness or ailment.

  1. Neuro feedback

Fear of falling ill- How to cure it?

This is a perfect treatment for people with anxiety disorders or people with any sort of phobias. In this treatment neuro feedback practitioner takes reading of your brain waves and determine which areas are distracted, stressed or off base. When you have anxiety the number of regions where the slow alpha or theta waves should be there you tend to get sped up high range beta waves which leads to mental stress in your head. In this procedure the practitioner knows how to train your brain naturally produce brain wave frequencies. If your condition is out of control you should surely go for this one. It is bit expensive and not works for everyone.

  1. Replace your web searches and Media choices

When you have the fear of illness or any particular disease you tend to google about the physical symptoms, possible causes of the disease. If you have this habit please replace your web searches as internet is full of information and everything that is there is not accurate and may cover worst case scenarios that you probably don’t have. Getting worried reading all this will only stress you more. The habit of such searches and this behavior is termed as Cyberchondria. Instead of getting yourself involved in checking symptoms of diseases make it a habit of googling something else like searching some other stuff like animals starting with the same letter of disease and learn interesting facts about them.

  1. Commitment of Healing

All you need to do is find out the root reasons behind your fear and have a sense of commitment of healing. People with hypochondria convince themselves that there is physical ailment however there is none.  It’s just a psychological disorder they are going through. Even if being told multiple times that nothing is wrong still for them it is a very real thing. In this process of healing the sufferer and the person responsible for treatment should be clear about the problem and some mental exercises can heal the physical symptoms. Brain has a strong influence over body and can affect how well body heals. It’s all in the mind so commit to yourself and find some recreational; activities for yourself so that your brain do not influence you up to that extent that you start feeling symptoms of some ailments.

Follow these therapies and I am sure you can overcome this fear. Just get a healthy lifestyle and you are good to know. No negative thoughts would ever propagate in your mind regarding any ailment or illness till the time you have a healthy body and strong mind.




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Wearing these less expensive stones can do wonders to your health! http://acnewitchhazel.com/wearing-these-less-expensive-stones-can-do-wonders-to-your-health/ Mon, 23 Jan 2017 05:51:59 +0000 https://acnewitchhazel.com/?p=1529 According to our culture and traditions it is believed that semi-precious gemstones or crystals can be used to heal and promote good health. There is an invisible energy in these stones that can alleviate unwanted stress, headache, improve mental health and also gives you power of positive thinking. Most of the time gemstones are used …

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According to our culture and traditions it is believed that semi-precious gemstones or crystals can be used to heal and promote good health. There is an invisible energy in these stones that can alleviate unwanted stress, headache, improve mental health and also gives you power of positive thinking. Most of the time gemstones are used for ornamental purposes but along with that it can be used for spiritual purposes such as to gain peace, restore energy fields, for meditation, to promote love and safety etc.

There are innumerous gemstones exist on this earth and each gemstone is unique with color, appearance, structure, origin place, story etc and also have some special powers with that. According to our belief system or culture each gemstone is specified with to get placed on certain areas of the body which is known as chakras. Placing a gemstone on its specified chakra plays a significant role in promoting healing power. Moreover it is not so difficult to include these gemstones in your life because you just need to wear them like a piece of jewellery.

If you are going through tough time such as facing health issues that is disturbing your regular life due to which you are facing money or time loss as well. Then explore few of these inexpensive gemstones that can really help you and can make your life and health better without demanding for many efforts.

Here is the list of few semi-precious and very popular gemstones that are not too expensive, easily accessible and have that magical power to completely transform your dull life into exciting.

  1. Tiger Eye Gemstone:

Wearing these less expensive stones can do wonders to your health

Tiger eye is a common gemstone with which most of the people are very familiar because of its splendid appearance. This amazing stone has lovely bands of yellow golden color with silky luster surface that looks very attractive if wore as a piece of jewelry. This gemstone is easily affordable on the price of just a few dollars per carat or can be less than that.

Besides, appearance it has several other powerful healing features that aids harmony and makes balance between your health and life. It relaxes your anxiety and helps you to take over your fears and unnecessary stress. It stimulates your inner confidence by giving you a power of taking discernment decisions without being emotional fool that you used to be once.

In ancient times this gemstone had been used by people as an amulet to protect themselves from evil powers, ill-wishing or to boost up the self-esteem and will strength.

This is one of that stones which has a power of kundli awakening and along with that it keeps balance between your brain and health. So the people who are suffering from mental or personality disorders can take help from this.

If you are kind of person who underestimates himself all the time, criticize your own actions and not happy with your life, may be experiencing lack of self-worth. Then this stone can surely help you by pumping up your self-confidence and making you optimistic, full of life and give you relief in many ways.

This golden or yellow stone is a Capricorn and Geminin birthstone as well therefore people with this zodiac can wear this gemstone in any of the way be it as bracelet, pendant etc.

  1. Citrine Gemstone:

Wearing these less expensive stones can do wonders to your health

Citrine is one of the beautiful and amazing gemstone in shining yellow color. This has very much same appearance as yellow sapphire or yellow diamond. It is strongly believed that citrine is that one powerful gemstone which can provide several benefits in health, wealth, career and much more. Citrine is considered as a symbol of hope, health, happiness, youth and fidelity because it continuously radiates Positive energy that can transform your negative thoughts into positive ones. Wearing it especially in neck or wrist shows wonderful immediate effects and it will give you an immense power of taking decisions independently.

Citrine is highly beneficial for health it decreases the effect of degenerative diseases such as blood impurity diseases, hypertension, thymus related diseases and thyroid related diseases. Besides these degenerative diseases citrine gives relax in constipation, menstrual issues, and hormonal imbalance and also alleviate fatigue.

Only an ideal Citrine gemstone looks flawless and true yellow in color like rainbow yellow color. Moreover an ideal citrine releases a yellow ray which has excellent therapeutic effects that can help you in every way you want to.

  1. Agate Gemstone:

 Wearing these less expensive stones can do wonders to your health

Agate gemstone comes in variety of colors such as Clear, Milky white, Grey, Blue, Green, Pink and Brown that all have their different healing properties and appearance. There are few more agates:Blue Lace Agate, Moss Agate, Dendritic Agate, Fire Agate and Botswana Agate these have created their own identity because of their extra ordinary therapeutic properties and due to their specialized healing properties they have classified into a separate directory.

Agate has so many health benefits such as it improves your concentration power by enhancing mental functioning, gives you power of speaking anything clearly and upfront. This gemstone builds self-confidence and treats the hidden diseases that you ignore in your daily life.

Agate has wonderful healing properties that eliminates and transform all negative energies into positive with its unimaginable cleansing effect. If you are very sensitive or emotional then placing this gemstone on the heart chakra can show desired effects such as it can make you brave and will give you relief from any kind of heart disease. It heals the stomach, eyes and uterus related diseases also and cleanse the lymphatic system, pancreas along with healing skin disorders.

  1. Jasper Gemstone:

 Wearing these less expensive stones can do wonders to your health


Since ancient ages Jasper has been considered as a ‘supreme nurturer’ because of its strong healing and grounding powers. This magical gemstone is quite popular because of its sacred and powerful protection aid. In ancient time jasper has been used by priest, kings and other people in their rituals, talismans and jewelry as a spirit and scared stone of courage, power and wisdom.

There are so many variations come in Jasper gemstone that all hold a strong connection with earth’s energy. We have listed down few jasper stones that can make your life better, optimistic, bright, healthy and wealthy:

Ocean Jasper:

Ocean Jasper is a one gemstone that everyone must have with themselves as it brings happiness, joy and helps you to get over of negative energy. So it is proved to be as one beneficial stone that everyone should have in their crystal collection. Ocean Jasper also known as Cellular Jasper because its splendid therapeutic energy directly shows effect on your deep cellular level.

Red Jasper:

Red jasper is a kind of Jasper stone which can motivate you strongly to go after your dreams because of its excellent therapeutic effects. It gives you energy to that helps in relieving stress, increased blood pressure and high exertion. Besides all these benefits, its healing properties helps you in manifesting creative ideas which is also one major reason that all actor and actresses consider it lucky for them.

Yellow Jasper:

Yellow jasper has a strong connection with Sun due to which it promotes joy, optimism thinking, happiness and so many things that can make your life bright. The healing properties of yellow jasper helps you to gain that missed self confidence in yourself and balances out the solar plexus chakra whenever you feel empty, alone, stressed or tensed. If you are going through a tough time and need a boost up to release all negativity then always carry Yellow jasper along with you.

  1. Hematite Gemstone:

 Wearing these less expensive stones can do wonders to your health


The grayish black stone is popular since ages because of its alternative form of healing properties that includes stopping excessive blood flow, removing poisons from the body. Hematite is a very powerful stone and you can feel its high energy just by holding it in left for a while and you will feel that a certain energy grounding and centering you.  Its energy can help you by providing clear focus and high concentration.

Hematite stone is one semi precious stone which has magnetic properties that can heal all kind of blood pressure related problems, kidney problems and can also strengthen the nerve cells. It can also provide relief in fractured bones, cramps, headache, anemia and any kind of spinal disorder.

Hematite stone is also known as ‘Stress Stone’ and placing it in your pocket or leaving it under your pillow can make your thoughts clear, more focused, balanced and clear. The metaphysical properties of this stone encourages you to always find hope in adverse situations and balances the energies between mind, spirit and body.

  1. Turquoise Gemstone:

 Wearing these less expensive stones can do wonders to your health

Turquoise the very old, popular and one most powerful metaphysical healing stone that had been used by Tibetans and Egyptians for ages because of its spiritual healing powers.

Turquoise stone can all in all provide benefit to whole body and its healing ailments can make the immune, respiratory and skeletal system strong and healthy. Healing powers of turquoise are recommended for detoxification of poison, alcohol, pollution and any kind of radiation. Turquoise can also improve your mental state by providing you positive mental characteristics such as creativity, sensitivity and tranquility.




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Explore With Top 10 Botox Clinics in the World http://acnewitchhazel.com/botox-clinics/ Fri, 07 Oct 2016 11:33:02 +0000 https://acnewitchhazel.com/?p=1275 Botox is a brand name of drug developed from neurotoxin that is produced by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum also known as Botulinum toxin. This drug is used to counter wrinkles and there is no risk or danger when used properly. Botox has been quite popular for over a century and used for various medical purposes …

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Botox is a brand name of drug developed from neurotoxin that is produced by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum also known as Botulinum toxin. This drug is used to counter wrinkles and there is no risk or danger when used properly. Botox has been quite popular for over a century and used for various medical purposes to treat various problems such as eye problems, muscles stiffness, and overactive bladder problem or to remove wrinkles by cosmetic surgery.

 There is a common misconception about Botox is that it can damage muscles by paralyzing it. Although it paralyzes the muscles temporarily to limit the activities so that it can heal the affected area without causing any harm to your body.

Working process of a Botox:

The most common term that we hear about Botox is paralyzing the muscles for a short time but in actual, it means “blocking the signal that goes from nerves to muscles”. The major reason behind causing wrinkles is that the injected muscles can no longer contract and by doing this treatment the muscles get relaxed and softer for a longer time.

This Botox surgery is used often by a number of people to treat forehead lines, wrinkles around eye circle and fine lines on the face.

Top 10 best Botox clinic around the world:

If you are also thinking of Botox surgery for getting a wrinkle free face then explore these top best Botox clinics that are present all around the world to help you with their best practices, services, and care.

1. Harley Street, London clinic

10 Harley St Marylebone, London W1G 9PF

This clinic of Dr. Dan Dhunna is well-known across the world for the best instruments and medical care. The only aim of all the clinical treatments in this clinic is to provide best-desired results to their patients.

lc3-vertPrice Guide:

All the consultation and treatment for Botox surgeries are carried out by Dr. Dhunna himself for which prices may vary according to different treatment ranging from 195 Euros to 450 Euros.


  • Dr. Dhunna is a perfectionist, very skilled person with aesthetic eyes that will always give you the exact results you desire for.
  • Harley Street is a perfect clinic to go if you are dying to get luscious lip, fashionable cheeks or beautiful skin.
  • Based on the personal experiences of patients it has proved that they provide the most natural, youthful results after surgery and the staff over there is wonderful.
  • Although the results and patients experience are overwhelming but the prices of this clinic is bit high for a normal person’s pocket.

2. Rita Rakus Clinic, London

34 Hans Road, Knightsbridge, London SW3 1RW

Dr. Rita Rakus ‘The London lip queen’ which is the name on everybody lips from a famous celebrity to working women. Dr. Rita Rakus provides the best practices in their cosmetic surgeries.

clinic-1Price guide:

Dr. Rita’s clinic price guide for different treatment ranges from 180 Euros to 250 Euros depending on the area and treatment that you select.


  • Based on the reviews from the patients who have gone through several different surgeries from her clinic recommended her to be the best Dr. for cosmetic surgeries
  • According to the reviews from the people who have gone through different surgeries from their clinic reviewed that although the Dr. Rita is a truly magician and so professional in his work but the other practitioners over there are not that much helpful.

3. The Esthetic Clinic, Mumbai

The esthetic clinic is worldwide known for providing excellent facilities in cosmetic surgeries of your choice. Dr. Debraj Shome who is a founder of the clinic and a well established facial plastic surgeon believes that these cosmetic procedures can reconstruct your face and can make it beautiful than ever.

the-esthetic-clinic-mumbaiinsidePrice Guide:

The price of Botox in India is significantly lower than other countries ranging from 80 Euros to 250 Euros depending on the treatment you select.


  • Patients who have undergone through Botox surgeries in esthetic clinic found Dr. Debraj as the best surgeon for any kind of cosmetic enhancement.
  • The way with which Dr. Debraj pay attention to detail and his aesthetic bent of mind is a major reason behind the success of this clinic.

4. Yanhee Hospital, Bangkok

454 Charan Sanitwong Rd, Bangkok 10700, Thailand

Yankee international hospital is a well-established hospital popular for Botox treatment. At the Yanhee hospital, the well-trained doctors and helpful staff provide excellent facilities for any BOTOX treatment of your choice.

yanhee_1yanhee-check-up-featuredPrice Guide:

The price of cosmetic surgery in Yanhee hospital is comparably low as compared to US and UK prices ranging from 125 Euros to 305 Euros.


  • Getting a Botox treatment in Yanhee hospital of Bangkok is a perfect choice for anyone who is eager to get a cosmetic enhancement. This clinic provides timely treatment with well-being staff and high-quality products that are used under treatment.
  • Botox treatment in this hospital is inexpensive, safe and secure and you will get well treated by their staff and doctors.

5. Mendis aesthetics and surgery, Singapore

#04-17 Mandarin Gallery, 333A Orchard Road | 6235 1728

With Mendis aesthetics and surgery, patients can be assured of reliable and safe services.  Highly qualified doctors are available at Mendis aesthetics that provide professional and private consultation for the satisfaction of patients.

mendis-aesthetics-and-surgery-singaporePrice guide:   

Botox treatment cost at Mendis aesthetics and surgery starts from 270 Euros.


  • Mendis clinic delivers the best result to their patient by taking care of their needs and requirements.
  • The reviews about Mendis clinic describe that is a right place where you can get the youthful appearance under the eye of best surgeons.

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6. Dr. Raj Kanodia’s clinic, California

414 N Camden Dr. Ste 800, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Dr. Raj is known for combining modern medical skills with traditional principles of Ayurveda. Dr. Kanodia is a famous plastic surgeon who treated a number of celebrities. He is world-renowned for rhinoplasty but he treats patients with frown lines and wrinkles problem as well.

raj-kanodiyaPrice Guide:

The average price of Botox in Dr. Raj Kanodia clinic is 550 Euros or more depending on the treatment.


  • According to the number of patients review, it is noticed that Dr. Kanodia uses the skinniest needle that quickly heals the affected area and it is painless as well.
  • If anyone wants to have natural looking fuller lips, perfect shape nose and Botox then it is the right place to you.

7. Dr. Jose Juri clinic, Argentina

Cervino 3251, Buenos aires

Dr. Juri is an Argentinean plastic surgeon known for its adaptability according to the requirements of his client. He is one doctor who is an expert in various areas of cosmetic surgeries among which Botox also come.

screenshot-6Price guide:

In Dr. Jose Juri clinic price for Botox starts from 400 Euros to more depending on which treatment you select.


  • According to the patient’s opinions who are being treated by Dr. Juri, he is considered as one of the best surgeons because of the 100% natural results.

8. Dr. Des Fernandes Clinic, South Africa

Dr. Des Fernandes comes under top listed plastic surgeons for Botox. He excelled in the medical world with a facelift technique called suture suspension that minimizes the wrinkle and scar marks from the face.

dr-des-fernandes-clinic-south-africaPrice guide:

Dr. Fernandes clinic price for Botox starts from 100 Euros to more basis on the location you are selecting for treatment.


  • Skincare expert and plastic surgeon Dr. Des Fernandes is in-demand among various celebrities and other people because of his best practices and pioneering techniques.

9. Dr. Sebagh’s Clinic, London

Dr. Anne Mendelovici at Dr. Sebagh’s Clinic acknowledged as the most famous doctor for Botox surgeries. Dr. Anne has become such an expert in her field that today she has an extensive roster of regular patients every day whether they are celebrities or a normal person. She now comes under the count of leading doctors known for Botox.

dr-sebaghs-clinic-londonPrice guide:

When it comes to you the price doesn’t matter what really matter is the result and so the price of Botox in Dr. Seabagh clinic starts from 450 Euros to more depending on what treatment you are choosing.


  • This clinic specializes in offering flexible, new and exclusive cosmetic Botox surgeries that enhance the beauty and self-esteem of every individual patient.
  • The main aim of this clinic is the patient’s safety that they keep in mind by using high-quality products, modern and safe techniques.
  • Based on the patients’ review and the services that Dr. Seabagh clinic provides are out of the world. Moreover, they provide various amazing skin care products that are amazing and good for skin.

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10 Dr. Jonquille Chantrey clinic, UK

Dr. Chantrey is one leading name in the world of Botox and her each treatment is performed to maintain, preserve and enhance the unique beauty of each and every patient.

clinic-room-miss-chantrey1Price guide:

Prices for several treatments differ and patients are advised directly by Dr. Chantrey regarding their customized treatment plan.

In Dr. Chantrey Botox surgery prices start from 175 Euros that becomes more depending on your treatment plan.


  • The reviews came out from the patients who have gone through different surgeries from her clinic recommends Dr. Chantrey for any kind of Botox whether it is for frown lines, upper face, jaw line or neck.

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How to Get Rid of Stiff Neck http://acnewitchhazel.com/stiff-neck/ Tue, 27 Sep 2016 04:30:34 +0000 https://acnewitchhazel.com/?p=994 Every second person faces the problem of stiff neck in daily life as it can be caused because of several small factors such as sleeping in an awkward position, sitting in front of a computer without moving your neck for a long time, cervical pain, carrying heavy loads or straining muscles because of the wrong …

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Every second person faces the problem of stiff neck in daily life as it can be caused because of several small factors such as sleeping in an awkward position, sitting in front of a computer without moving your neck for a long time, cervical pain, carrying heavy loads or straining muscles because of the wrong posture.  There can be several other factors of having stiff neck rather than of wrong posture such a stress, any kind of injury, anxiety or trauma that can affect your neck.

Stiffness in muscles can be caused also because of muscle fever or disease like rheumatoid arthritis, meningitis/infection or cancer. Although this stiffness is unbearable and restricts you in several works but don’t worry it lasts for few days or in worst condition for a week.

Here we are discussing the causes and symptoms of stiff neck to get a better knowledge of it:

How to get rid of stiff neck


Muscle sprain:

The major or the most common cause by far is the muscle strain or soft tissues sprain that leads to stiffness of the neck. There is a muscle located at the back of the neck called as levator scapula which is the major factor in causing stiffness of the neck. This muscle makes a connectivity between cervical spine with the shoulder that fully completely controlled by cervical nerves. If this muscle displaces a bit or the tissues in it get shrink then it can cause the problem of the stiff neck.

      But this elevator muscles can be strained because of any of the reason or activities that we do in our day to day life such as:

  • Not using pillow support and comfort properly can make neck muscles stiffen.
  • Sports injuries or sudden head movement can cause neck stiffness problem.
  • By doing exercises in a wrong way or by putting excess pressure on neck while doing exercise can also cause stiffness such as: while doing crunches you need to take care of your neck as it needs to pulled up every time you do it so it needs to be done in a very gentle manner so that we don’t end up getting a strain on our neck.
  • Maintaining right posture is also important to avoid stiff neck problem such as: slouching while viewing T.V, computer monitor, or at the phone for prolonged periods can cause problems.
  • Driving for long hours is also a one of the reason.
  • Thinking so much, taking excessive stress can also lead to cause tension in the neck.

Issues arise because of cervical spine:

Cervical spine is that major factor that leads to the neck stiffness and this strain can also be a reaction to the underlying disorder in cervical spine that includes:

Cervical osteoarthritis: This disorder occurs along with regressive conditions like spinal stenosis.

Cervical herniated the disc and other disorders.


Meningitis is a bacterial infection that infects the protective membranes of the brain and spinal cord and causes stiff neck problem. Meningitis can occur if a stiff neck problem arises with high fever, headache, nausea or vomiting and some other symptoms can be a reason of meningitis.

If in any case, stiff neck appears in conjunction with fever then it is advisable to look for urgent medical treatment as it may cause these kinds of problem.


A stiff neck can be characterized by the pain and difficulty moving in a neck, soreness, inability in the head turning and some other factors.

Although characteristics of the stiff neck do not last long than a couple of days or week but the pain that ranges from mildly painful to extreme pain can cause you many problems by restricting in doing several works. So it is often reasonable to seek medical attention or following these simple home remedies that we are going to discuss now even for mild symptoms also.

As now we have discussed that there can be several reasons of your stiff neck and it is not easy to bear the pain of stiff neck for so long. So to help you finding relief with the stiffness of neck and for preventing the condition from ever happening again, we are providing you with few amazing home remedies that you can try and get good results such as:

1. Acupressure:

accupressureAcupressure is the easiest way to get rid of the stiff neck as it doesn’t need any ingredient or any extra effort for treatment it just needs you to follow some points. Here, the Luo Zhen is the name of acupressure point that you will find on the back side of hand between the knuckles of the forefinger and middle finger in the depression.  If you are feeling the stiffness of neck in right side then massage the point by making a circle in the left hand and vice-versa. Massaging this for several minutes with a forefinger tip can relax you with the neck problem.

2. Apple cider vinegar:

apple-cider-vinegarTo treat a stiff neck all it needs are antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that present in apple cider vinegar. Moreover, it also works as prevention for muscle strain but for making this you have to follow these easy steps:

  • Put a paper napkin in raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar for few minutes then place it on the affected area and leave it for few hours. By using this twice a day can show great healing properties.
  • Another method is to add two cups of apple cider vinegar with lukewarm water and soak your neck in it for at least 15 minutes or maximum 25 minutes once in a day until you get completely recovers.

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3. Hydrotherapy:

How to get rid of stiff neckSoaking the affected area in Epsom salt shows great healing effects as the Epsom salt has magnesium that releases the contracted muscles. This therapy is so simple to follow by doing these few easy steps:

  • Add 2 cups of Epsom salt to a warm bathtub full of water.
  • Soak your neck in the bathtub for at least 15-20 minutes to heal it quickly.

4. Neck exercises:

How to get rid of stiff neckDoing neck exercises is as easy as following any other remedy and it relieves tension caused by strained neck muscles and just needs you to follow some steps:

  • Sit straight while keeping body relaxed.
  • Move your head forward and backward for 20 times.
  • Then move your head in the left and right direction, repeat these motions for few minutes.
  • Then make a circle with head in clockwise direction 10 times and vice versa without turning your body.
  • Please make sure that you do these exercises in a very gentle manner so that it doesn’t hurt you much.

5. Peppermint oil:

peppermint-oilPeppermint oil has all the ingredients in it that can be required to soothe stiff muscles of the neck. Along with this, it has the analgesic property that helps in reducing pain.

How to use:

  • Mix few drops of peppermint oil with 2 teaspoons of olive it in a jar and heat it for few minutes. Then massage your neck with this warm oil for few minutes and twice in a day until you see the results.
  • Another option is to add few drops of peppermint oil in a bowl full of cold water. Soak a clean cloth in that water and then apply it on the affected area for few minutes. Repeat this process twice in a day.

6. Heat therapy:

How to get rid of stiff neckInitially, you can try cold compress and if you are not getting any kind of relief within 24 hours of using it then you can use heat therapy as an alternative option. In cold compress, you use ice packs that limit the buildup of lactic acid that causes soreness while in heat compress we use things like the hot water bottle, heating pad, heat wrap or hot towel that relaxes the muscles and allows the blood to flow.

Applying a heat compress on the affected area for at least 10-20 minutes shows great results and repeating this process 3 or 4 times in the day can heal the affected area within 24 hours. Heat therapy relaxes muscle spasms, reduce chronic pain, and improve circulation, deep F.I.R penetration.

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7. Manual cervical traction:

manual-cervical-tractionAnything that needs to be done to safely alleviate neck muscle strain, improves the motion of neck along with increasing blood circulation in affected area and it is going to help the healing process. In this process, you need a person that can help you to apply gentle traction to the neck for relaxing the tight muscles.

The main aim behind this traction is to apply pressure by improving blood flow to neck muscles and allowing compressed nerves or blood vessels to be released.

Simple way to do this:

  • Lie down on your back by relaxing your body, and then place a folded towel under the end part of your neck.
  • Gently pull the towel straight towards them. Ask your friend to hold the position for at least 3 minutes.
  • Repeat the exercise twice or thrice a day until you get some relief.


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Blue Waffles Disease: Causes, Symptoms, Factor, Treatment, Preventions http://acnewitchhazel.com/blue-waffles-disease/ Wed, 21 Sep 2016 07:57:15 +0000 https://acnewitchhazel.com/?p=851 Blue waffle disease is a kind of yeast vaginal infection. It is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) or infection (STI) that grows because of the moist present in vagina and causes several symptoms like itching, redness, white discharge, inflammation and swelling of vagina. So the term blue waffle relevant to an infection and also leads …

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Blue waffle disease is a kind of yeast vaginal infection. It is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) or infection (STI) that grows because of the moist present in vagina and causes several symptoms like itching, redness, white discharge, inflammation and swelling of vagina. So the term blue waffle relevant to an infection and also leads to vaginal eruption, annoying odors, blisters over vagina, swollen infected area and vagina appearing bad by changing the tint of vagina into blue-purple color, because of which it is called as blue waffle.

Although this blue waffle disease is not scientifically proven but many variations of sexually transmitted disease or infection are commonly considered as blue waffle. The truth about blue waffle disease is not yet proved but the name itself depicts a meaning related to vaginal infection in a way where the term “waffle” means “vagina” and “blue waffle”=”internet shock meme” in an urban slang.


blue waffles disease CausesIt can be majorly caused because of infection on vagina lips that occurs when microorganisms or parasites develop on vagina. These parasites also have a tendency to spread in moist places like vagina and transform the whole-region in a purple-blue shade.  This disease is treatable but it can cause severe impact if not get treated in time then the impact will be more critical and destroying.  Not only in women can this disease be seen in man also because of following some unhealthy practices during intercourse or not keeping the bottom area properly cleaned. It’s majorly a matter of keeping cleanliness of vaginal area so that the germ wouldn’t develop there.

Here are the major reasons that cause blue waffle disease:

  • Weak immune system:

One of the main reasons of causing this disease is weak immune system that allows the outer germs or microbes to enter into your vagina and our body is not have immunity to combat the outer germ particles that leads to this disease. So it is essential to have an immunity power to stop microorganism to enter further and infect our body.

  • Unprotected sex:

Unprotected sex is also the reason of causing this disease as during having sex the germs or parasites transfer from one body to other and can cause infection. As it is a sexually transmitted disease so one should take care of it that after an intercourse taking a proper shower is necessary to remove all the germs and microbes and also to avoid any kind of infection.

  • Use sanitary practices:

It is observed that the women who do not use sanitary practices and are more likely to develop this blue waffle disease. Moreover this disease is much more common in ladies who use intercourse objects such as sharing of sex toys, multi collaborator masturbation and more other factors like doing an intercourse in unhygienic environment that is in a case of prostitution.

  • Improper diet:

Uneven eating habits and not getting proper nutrition that is required and essential for body may also cause blue waffle disease. It is very important to follow a healthy and a diet full of nutrition’s to get a strong immune system to combat the infection. As the absence of required elements in our food can make our immune system weak that results several diseases to enter the body. Moreover consuming junk food and alcohol in huge amount may also lead you towards the disease because the absence of required vitamins and minerals in this kind of food weak down the immune system.

  • Mental Stress:

Mental disturbance also causes this disease to attack your body. The improper balance between physical and mental health can also be one cause of this blue waffle disease.


blue waffle disease symptomsThere are several symptoms that can indicate you that you are suffering from this disease or any kind of infection but you have to recognize that sign otherwise ignoring them can trouble you and can transform into a serious problems. Early signs of symptoms if noticed on time can help us otherwise this can become a serious issue if proper steps are not taken on time. As we know our private areas are very sensitive and we have to take good care to prevent any infections.

Here are some of the major symptoms that arise in the beginning of blue waffle disease with its full impact and after noticing such symptoms one should take medical help urgently as it can turn into havoc by time:

  • The beginning symptom of blue waffle disease is a white discharge from the vagina.
  • The vagina tint will transform into a blue-purple shade.
  • Irritation, itching, vagina eruption, redness on perimeters of vagina etc are several symptoms that can indicate you.
  • Causing a stinging sensation in the vagina or noticing an uneven smell.
  • Turning the external lips of the vagina into blue color.
  • Swollen vaginal area and unpleasant smell from the vagina.

Ill effects of blue waffle disease

  • Spotting patches, red mark or scar around vagina can be the one symptom.
  • Red patchy like spots.
  • Feeling pain or foul smell from vagina or penis.
  • Blisters on vagina or penis.
  • Releasing of liquid all the time.

These are the ill effects that can be caused because of blue waffle disease. The patient will experience such kind of effects during contamination and firstly it occurs on the outer of vagina by turning the vagina lip color into blue shade. This disease can cause uncomfort, embarrassment or trouble for you so it advised to take care of it and make a move as earliest as possible when you notice such kind of symptoms.  Additionally, it is also prescribed to visit a specialist so that she can give you a proper medication of it.

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Blue waffle disease risk factor:

Blue waffle disease os common in woman but it can affect also in several ways, its most common in women because of the humidity and moist present in the vaginal area and germ, bacteria spreads in the moist place. So it is most likely to woman.

Men or women who have unhygienic sex activities with more than one sexual partner in sex are at risk. Also enrolling in sex relation in an unsafe way can also lead towards blue waffle disease. Utilizing a condom or other sanitary objects can lessen the probability of blue waffle disease.

Is it a sexually transmitted disease?

Although this disease can cause because of unhygienic environment during intercourse or unprotected sex but the other reason of this disease is bacteria that can develop anywhere and because of any reason such as:

  • Maintaining poor cleanliness during masturbation with filthy items, or using unhygienic sex toys.
  • Having poor immune is also a major risk factor for this disease.
  • Harming the skin of vagina can also be a risk factor.


  • Avoid wearing tight cloths all the time, masturbating all the time by utilizing filthy items, and unprotected sex.
  • It is must for all ladies keep their vagina clean and dry time to time, be it between their mensuration times or after masturbation
  • Wearing despicably washed tight underpants are majorly unexceptable. This causes soaking of the vagina, because of which the condition of mugginess arises that leads to the development of microscopic organisms, germs and different parasites on the outer. Moreover it influences inside infection and cause swelling and it may start stinging.
  • Avoid having wild sex because it can harm the vaginal area that can influence the bacteria or microorganism to attack vagina.
  • Follow a proper diet to have a strong immune system so that your body can combat with any kind of infection or disease.
  • Proper balance between mental health and physical health is mandatory to avoid blue waffle disease.

The more you care about yourself the better are the outcomes and there are side effects of these things so you can easily follow such simple steps with thinking twice. As we have already discussed the signs, symptoms and causes of the ailment so if you feel something wrong then just follow these precautions along with doctor recommendation and you will get the good result.

Is it treatable?

Yes this disease is treatable but it is advised to follow precautions rather than searching for the treatments. This is advisable by the specialist that keeps the area clean and dry; cleaning the whole region consistently can cure the 50 percent of disease. A specialist will suggest you anti-toxins along with yeast contamination medicine as anti-toxins kills the bacteria and yeast contamination medicine will stop the yeast bacteria by killing it.  These two are the common medicine that is used in treating blue waffle disease.


blue waffles disease treatmentAs we have said earlier prevention is better than cure for blue waffle disease. But for treating it the one major key is smart hygiene that can prevent and cure half of the disease. Ladies are requested to be aware while having sex because you itself are responsible for this disease by avoiding the time to time cleanness of your region that is the main reason of this problem.

Along with the medicines like anti-infection, anti-toxins etc. your specialist will also advise you to keep the area clean and dry.

We have covered all the points and symptoms that can cause blue waffle disease. So now we are putting some light over how to treat this disease by avoiding false practices:

  • Eat healthy foods
  • Clean your territory regularly
  • Maintain proper diet
  • Avoid doing multi accomplice sex
  • Play safe sex by avoiding wild sex
  • Be calm and cool
  • Remain stress free
  • Use sterilized intercourse objects, sterilized napkins during periods.
  • Wear clean and dry underwear that are not too tight
  • Check the cloth type of your underwear whether it suits your skin or not
  • Try to avoid utilizing sex toys or instruments while masturbating

Along with following precautions time to time check your region if it is ok or not and if you experience something wrong with it then seek medical care.

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Blue waffles disease: Myth vs. Reality

As blue waffle disease is not considered as the real disease and considered as internet shock meme that is creating havoc over internet. But there is nothing to be afraid of it can be treated by following some precautions and specialist recommendations. There are many variations or we can say type of sexual disease infections that are considered or commonly referred as the blue waffle disease. Here we are discussing some of the sexual transmitted diseases that have given the name of blue waffle disease:

  1. Hepatitis B
  2. Hepatitis C
  3. Syphilis
  4. Genital herpes
  5. Chancroid
  6. Gonorrhea
  7. HIV and several other disease

All of these diseases have different symptoms and their preventions but have the one common thing is that all these diseases are sexual transmitted that’s why they are considered as blue waffle disease. So as blue waffle is not scientifically proven by the doctors it is not considered as the real disease.

Blue waffle: a rumor or truth?

As there is no proof or scientific explanation about this deadly disease blue waffle that is why it made a huge controversy in turning a simple word into or an ‘urban slang’ into a disease. Some people say that there is no disease like “Blue Waffle disease” it is creating a havoc over internet by posting an sexually transmitted infected (STI) vagina photo shopped pictures.

So the whole controversy over this blue waffle disease can be proved true as there are no evidences that can prove that ‘blue waffle disease’ don’t exist in real as the people have provided the causes, symptoms, preventions with detail and treatments also to combat this disease.

As there is not confirmed that the whole controversy about Blue Waffle disease is just a Hoax/rumor created by the internet to shock or threaten the people or really exist. So it advisable to follow the precautions and in case if you find any situation or symptoms as we have discussed earlier then seek for the doctor prescription.

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Witch Hazel for Hemorrhoids http://acnewitchhazel.com/witch-hazel-for-hemorrhoids/ Sat, 09 Jan 2016 18:33:55 +0000 https://acnewitchhazel.com/?p=393 Typically hemorrhoids are vascular structures which are intended to be helpful with the control of the stool. They are located in the anal canal and they tend to become pathological once they are inflamed or swollen. That’s the hemorrhoids disease that we most commonly refer to. The symptoms of the disease might vary but generally, …

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Typically hemorrhoids are vascular structures which are intended to be helpful with the control of the stool. They are located in the anal canal and they tend to become pathological once they are inflamed or swollen. That’s the hemorrhoids disease that we most commonly refer to. The symptoms of the disease might vary but generally, they include rectal bleeding and incredible pain in the area of the anus. However, using Witch Hazel might help alleviate the pain and cure the disease itself. It’s known to have the benefiting effect.

What exactly is Witch Hazel?

Witch Hazel is a well known extraordinary shrub which typically blooms during the winter. It’s commonly found in the states of Texas and Florida in the United States of America and you can also find it in Canada. You can come across the shrub in a different name as it’s known to have a few. Some of them include potted older as well as winter bloom. It has a lot of different species which tend to bloom throughout different seasons of the year. The one found in Canada, for instance, blooms during the winter while those in Texas and Florida flourish during the warmer months. The plant is very popular thanks to the flowering yellow as well as orange and red colors of its leaves. This is definitely a beautiful plant which also has a lot of healing capabilities.

Hemorrhoids treatment with Witch Hazel

It’s a well-known fact that different herbs and shrubs have been used over the years for their medicinal qualities. In fact, in the Middle Age, there was no such thing as medication and every illness were treated with herbs and shrubs, found in the forests and in the fields. Common examples include mint and aloe. The former helps the digestion system while the later is useful if you suffer some minor burns. Nowadays, even though the technology is rapidly advancing which allow the medicine to reach incredible development heights, every single drug uses a base which comes from a certain plant. However, there is a lot of chemistry involved and as a result artificially created drugs tend to have a lot of side effects. However, treating hemorrhoids with Witch Hazel is not only possible but it’s incredibly helpful and beneficial.

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How does the treatment work?

The truth is that the Witch Hazel shrub has proven and documented antiseptic as well as astringent qualities. This on its part means that it can be incredibly effective for the shrinking of the hemorrhoids as well. Not only this, the shrub can essentially alleviate all of the symptoms such as bleeding and severe pain and it can even prevent some further complications related to the disease.

This is all due to the fact that Witch Hazel has tannin in its content which is synthesized from the shrub. This is what makes it an extraordinary astringent and it is known for being able to shrink skin pores. To put it in simpler words, it is capable of acting like a natural anti-inflammatory drug without the side effects.

How to use the shrub?

Now, it’s important to know that products made out of Witch Hazel are designated to treat internal as well as external hemorrhoids. You can find the essence of the herb in a variety of creams as well as tinctures. There are suppositories which are specifically intended to help you with the internal hemorrhoids.

What the shrub basically does is that it would help alleviate the pain caused by swollen veins, which are essentially hemorrhoids. The Witch Hazel is going to help the swelling to go down and this should give you the required relief. You can find the essence in a variety of medications or you can also take a look at some of the home remedies which include it.

What to be careful about?

Even though the herb is particularly beneficial, you should use it cautiously and as described in the instructions. This is because of every now and then there are some reported cases in which the plant might have caused some sorts of irritation in the area in which it was applied. However, studies show that this only happens to people who buy a standard bottle of the shrub which contains some alcohols because it has been treated by the industry. Instead, opt to get products which are dense on Witch Hazel extract and you won’t experience any of those side effects.

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Benefits of Witch Hazel treatment

The most important advantage of this kind of treatment is that it’s all natural. There won’t be any synthetics involved, which is going to reduce the risk of eventual side effects to zero. The only thing that you would have to consider is if you have any allergic reactions to the shrub. You can do a common allergy test to see what plants are you allergic to and if Witch Hazel doesn’t appear on the list you are basically good to go.

Is it necessary to visit a doctor?

At first, it is not really necessary to go to the doctor. As opposed to what most people tend to believe, hemorrhoids are nothing but an inflammation and if it’s handled on time there aren’t going to be any complications. There are dozens of home remedies and some doctors actually recommend it. However, if the disease has progressed enough you may be past the time for home remedies. The surgery might actually become the only option and visiting a medical officer is absolutely mandatory. He would give you further guidance how to proceed and if necessary he will schedule an appointment for a surgery.

A natural remedy is always advisable as opposed to taking harsh antibiotics which are definitely going to have an impact on your system. However, you must approach those remedies with care. It’s advisable to consult a professional in order to determine whether or not the treatment is going to be beneficial for you. Witch hazel is a great way to treat hemorrhoid disease but you should exercise it with caution.

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