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Feeling helpless due to dark eyelids and puffy eyes? Here’s the solution

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Eyes are the most beautiful and fascinating parts of our body and this is the first beauty feature which comes in notice when we interact with other people. So it may be bit discomforting and embarrassing for you to face people if you are facing any eye related issue such as dark eyelids and puffy eyes. Moreover the skin present around our eyes is so sensitive that it easily gets affected by any kind of infection, contagious diseases and harmful rays that’s why it is very important to take care of this most complex and sensitive part of our body.

What are dark eyelids?

Eyelids are the folds of skin which is considered to be thinnest in the body. The color of your eyelids depends on the skin pigment melanin. More production of melanin darker would be the eyelids. Less melanin leads to lighter eyelids. Appropriate blood flow also decides the color of your eyelids. The major reason behind dark eyelids is over production of melanin which may also lead to dark eyes or dark circles.

What are puffy eyes?

Puffy eyes are the swelling of tissues under above or all around the eyes. It caused by fluid buildup around the eyes which lead to puffed eyes. There can be many reasons which are responsible for the triggering of this fluid which can be aging, over or under sleeping, diet, genetics or many more.


  • Inflammation of eyes due to any injury or sleepless can be a reason. Prolonged inflammation of eyes may lead to change in color of your eyelids and skin under your eye which leads to puffy eyes.
  • Allergies can be another major reason behind dark eyelids as we get itchiness in an eye which makes our tendency to rub them. Constant rubbing of eyelids also leads to color change.
  • Lack of sleep is the major cause of dark eyelids and puffy eyes as the blood vessels in the eyes dilate and this may also lead to color change. Due to insufficient sleep some liquid is released from eye tissues which lead to puffiness in eyes and darkness as well.
  • Injuries can also be one of the reason causing dark marks under eyes, swelling or puffed eyes and darker eyelids.
  • Hereditary factors are also responsible for darker eyes.
  • Using eye cosmetics excessively and while not removing them appropriately can also harm your eyes up to certain extent and may cause the skin of eyelids to damage and can also cause puffiness.
  • Nutritional deficiencies like anemia in ladies or lack of vitamin B, starvation or taking improper diet also have a great impact to your eyes and may lead to darker eyes as skin under eyes is really sensitive and need proper care.
  • Dehydration: water is really important for gorgeous eyes and if you are not hydrating your body then you may have puffed eyes.
  • Other reasons may include constant pressure on eyes, unhealthy lifestyle, hangovers, hormonal changes, excessive crying or changes in weather.

To treat your eyelids and puffed eyes here are some amazing homemade remedies which prove out to be extremely helpful to get those gorgeous eyes you always desired for:

1. Cucumber

dark-eyelids-and-puffy-eyes-solutionWhenever it comes to eyes the first thing that comes to mind is cucumber and indeed it is the best home remedy to get those splendid eyes. Cucumber has skin lightening properties and lightens the dark eyelids. When placed on eyes it is extremely soothing and cool for eyes. Cucumber has astringent properties which constricts the blood vessels to reduce puffiness and inflammation.


  • Take a cucumber and cut it into round slices.
  • Place the slices on your eyes and keep it for 10-15 minutes.
  • Repeat the procedure with fresh slices again and then wash your face with cool water.
  • You can refrigerate cucumber as well for a better cooling effect.
  • You can use cucumber juice as well as a replacement of cucumber slices.

2. Almond Oil

dark-eyelids-and-puffy-eyes-solutionThis remedy is for the ones who face the issue of darker eyelids. Almond oil is the perfect solution for them. Almond oil consists of vitamin E which lightens the skin under eyes and eyelids and rejuvenates the skin.


  • Take equal quantity of almond oil and water in a bowl.
  • Make two cotton balls and soak them in the solution.
  • Place these cotton balls on your eyelids for 15-20 minutes.
  • You can also use almond oil directly and apply it on eyelids, under eyes and keep it overnight.

3. Avocado

dark-eyelids-and-puffy-eyes-solutionAvocado is considered to be incredibly nutritious fruit. It is good for eye health as well and eye skin. An avocado is highly antioxidant and revives tired eyes to give you a fresh look.


  • Cut a ripe avocado into slices and place these slices under your eyes for at least 15-20 minutes.
  • You can use a thick paste of avocado and apply it on your eyes.
  • It will lighten the darkened eyelids and give your eyes a youthful appearance.

4. Cold spoons

dark-eyelids-and-puffy-eyes-solutionA cold spoon is the best and simplest home remedy that you can use for your eyes. You don’t need anything just a refrigerated spoon and trust me it can do wonders to get rid of all eye problems. This is the best solution for tired and puffed eyes. It relaxes your blood vessels to improve blood circulation in eyes and tightens the skin under your eye.


  • Place 4-5 steel/metal spoons in refrigerator for 15-20 minutes.
  • Once they are chilled place the round portion of the spoon on the eye and keep it till the spoon comes at room temperature.
  • Use another chilled spoon and keep repeating this procedure for four to five times to give the refreshing experience to your eyes.
  • As it’s quite easy to do you can do this twice a day.

5. Lemon juice and rose water

dark-eyelids-and-puffy-eyes-solutionLemon juice is also rich in vitamin C and works as a lightening agent. You can treat your darker eyelids with lemon juice. Rose water on the other hand works as a toner and soothes your eyes against puffiness and swelling. Combination of both work wonders to treat eye related issues.


  • Mix few drops of lemon juice with rose water. Wait for few minutes to let the mixture fuse properly.
  • Place two cotton balls in the mixture and place it on your eyelids for 4-5 minutes.
  • Be very careful that lemon juice doesn’t get into your eyes as it may cause burning and irritation in eyes. Wash
  • off the eyes well with cool water after you remove the cotton balls.

6. Egg whites

dark-eyelids-and-puffy-eyes-solutionEgg whites are known for its skin tightening properties. It tightens the skin under eyes to prevent wrinkles, eye bags and puffiness. Egg whites are rich source of protein and make the skin under eye smooth.


  • Take two eggs. Separate the egg whites from yolk in a bowl.
  • Wipe the egg whites thoroughly until you get a smooth consistency.
  • Use a brush or a soft cloth to apply the mixture to your eyes.
  • Let it dry for 15 minutes and wash your eyes with cold water.
  • You can do this daily for immediate and best results.

7. Tea bags

dark-eyelids-and-puffy-eyes-solutionTea bags are extremely helpful in treating all eye related issues. You can use either green tea bags or black tea bags. They help you sooth puffy eyes and also treats inflammation. Herbal tea has anti irritant properties and gives relief to irritated eyes and redness whereas caffeinated tea constricts blood vessels to reduce swelling.


  • Take 2-3 tea bags of your choice and place them in hot water. Boil them for 2-3 minutes.
  • Now take them out and let them cool down. Once they are comfortably warm place them on your eyes, cover your eyelids and cover it with a soft cloth.
  • During summers you can refrigerate the tea bags and use them to get a comforting effect to eyes.

8. Aloe Vera gel ice mask

dark-eyelids-and-puffy-eyes-solutionAloe Vera is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C which makes it an ideal remedy to treat your eyes against puffiness and also reduces fine lines near the eyes. As the area under and above the eyes is very sensitive aloe gel will be great choice to give eyes a soothing effect and keep the skin near eyes young and youthful.


Apply aloe gel or aloe extract under the eyes on a regular basis to improve blood circulation and flush out the unnecessary toxins and bacteria under eyes to reduce puffiness and works great in treating darker eyelids.
You can create your own aloe ice cool gel eye mask by combining aloe gel with ice and place them on eyes for relaxing and rejuvenating effect.

9. Potatoes

dark-eyelids-and-puffy-eyes-solutionPotatoes are rich in starch and have anti inflammatory properties to ease puffed eyes and irritation. Potatoes are known to pamper your puffy eyes.


  • Wash a potato and peel it. Be sure it is clean before you use it on your eyes.
  • Grate the potato and place it in a soft cloth.
  • Place the cloth on your eyes for few minutes. You can change the potato shavings again and repeat the procedure.
  • You can use this procedure for few days until puffiness goes off completely.
  • You can use potato slices directly as well.

10. Strawberry

dark-eyelids-and-puffy-eyes-solutionAnything that soothes your eyes by giving it a cooling effect and is a rich source of vitamins is good for eyes. Strawberries contain alpha hydroxyl acid which helps in reducing under eye puffiness and swelling. It gives you smooth and young looking eye skin.


  • Deep freeze some strawberries in refrigerator for about 30 minutes.
  • Remove the peel and slice it into thick pieces
  • Place these slices on your eyes for about 20-30 minutes and repeat this twice a day to get beautiful eyes.

Additional tips for taking extra care of your eyes so that you can avoid those puffy eyes and darker eyelids.

  • Consuming a healthy and nutritional diet- Following a wholesome diet rich of essential nutrients such as vitamin B6, calcium, zinc, folic acid, vitamin C etc will make you healthy and fit. Besides, making your immune system strong and keeping you healthy these essential nutrients will provide relief from dark eyelids.
  • Stay hydrated always- Drinking plenty of liquid like water, fresh fruit and vegetable juices and green tea will flush out toxins from the body and improve blood circulation. In case there is a deficiency of vitamins, take multi-vitamin supplements.
  • Give proper relax to your eyes- It is necessary to give proper relax to your eyes from time to time and if you have a job in which you have to sit in front o monitor for long hours then make it a habit to take the time to relax. To relax your eyes take a break from work for at least five to ten minutes and avoid continuous sitting for long hours.
  • A regular exercise- This exercise is easy to do and effective also. Just soak a clean cotton washed cloth in cold water for few minutes then remove off excess water from cloth. Now place it on the eyes before going to sleep. Continue this exercise for few days and notice the results. Also take proper sleep to reduce dark eyelids or any puffiness.
  • Don’t rub your eyes and avoid contact with eyes to prevent dark eyelids.
  • You can use a mixture of salt and water to soothe your eyes at times when you have a tiring day so that you don’t end up getting puffed eyes next morning.
  • Reduce the consumption of salt and take care of your sleeping posture to avoid hurting your eyes and get a puffed face and eyes in morning.
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