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Evening Primrose Oil can cure acne Naturally

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benefits of primrose oil on face

Evening primrose oil is being popular now a day in term of treating acne, pimples, and cyst. Many beauty products contain this oil to increase the efficiency of their products. Evening primrose is a herbaceous plant which is also known as suncups and Oenothera. It’s grown almost all around the world, in America, it was first used by Native Americans. The color of Oenothera could be vary but mostly its flower color is yellow.

The oil of evening primrose extracts from the seeds of the plant in the same way like the sunflower. This oil contains some amazing nutrition like GLA which can treat numbers of thing including acne, sleeping disorder, hair growth, and hormones.

Evening primrose oil is famous due to its amazing results of treating acne. It does not just treat the acne you have but its help to get rid of the root of acne which grows due to hormonal imbalance. Let see in detail how does evening primrose oil helps to get rid of acne, pimple and solve other skin problems.

What does evening primrose oil contain?

Evening Primrose Oil provides gamma linolenic acid, linoleic acid and other important fatty acids. Evening primrose oil is the most researched source of GLA. All of the fatty acids in evening primrose oil play a major role in maintaining heart, skin, cell membrane and nerve health. A supplement, it can offset the body’s declining ability to convert linoleic acid into gamma-linolenic acid.

Other than acne, the fatty acids like GLA and LA also help in the function of hormones within the body. It’s treated Premenstrual Syndrome which includes acne, feeling tired, headache, stomach problems and swollen skin etc.

How does evening primrose oil works to treat acne?


The hormonal imbalance is the main cause and the root of hormonal acne, without balancing your hormones you cannot treat the acne on your face and another body part. There are a number of treatments available in the market which promised you to treat your acne root, but in reality, their beauty treatment only helps to remove acne scars or pimples. To imbalance the hormonal level you need to take omega 6 fatty acid which is one of the major nutrition of evening primrose oil which helps to regulate hormones in the blood which causes the hormonal acne. Fatty acids of evening primrose oil also promote skin elasticity and make skin smooth.

Other than acne, eczema can be treated with evening primrose oil. It has been proven by studies that evening primrose oil improves nerve system which helps in the restructure of skin tissues and treat redness, roughness, and firmness of the skin.

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How to use evening primrose oil to treat acne?

Evening primrose oil is already being used in many beauty products, but I do not suggest you to go with them because the amount of evening primrose oil in these products are not just low but it does not give good result due to the chemical used in these products.

benefits of primrose oil on face

There are two ways to use evening primrose oil:

  • Eat it: The capsule of evening primrose oil is available in the market just like the capsule of fish oil, you can eat them on the daily basis, the amount of capsule to consume per day depends on the condition of acne.
  • Apply it: The other way or you can say more safe way to use evening primrose oil is to apply on the infected area. Yes, you can use the same capsule and put the oil directly on infected area or whole face for best results.

Evening primrose oil can also be used in different types of homemade masks to treat acne.

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Other Uses:

Eye Serum

Since primrose oil is packaged with no nonsense anti-aging properties, this is an important addition to your own beauty routine. Add several globules to an oz and lightly pat to skin . Those rings that are unsightly will reduce, deceiving your manager into believing you went to bed promptly.

The Well-Being of poor Nail

That is an excellent trick to work with on your nails to shield them even farther underneath your base coat. Myself generally rub a dab my nails because I’ve been harassed with ridges that are wild that no number of buffing can remove. Placing an all-natural oil in addition to your nail beds can help strengthen your nails and that I’ve located my ridges at their finest (unfortunately, not totally gone) .

Hormonal Acne

Once weekly, I get serious and provide myself an anti-acne oil cleanse. That is a must when you’re looking as you don’t need to further irritate your skin using a fresh ingredient to treat acne.

My carrier oil with this kind of cleanser is obviously coconut oil or grape seed, but you could use whatever suits your skin. Plus, these both are anti-inflammatory agents that can bring down discomfort and redness in your skin. Rinse completely and apply choice oil or your moisturizer. Be not unmindful that acne oil cleansers ought to be utilized on a newly washed face!

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