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Flat Warts: Causes and Treatments

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Flat wart is common problem for us these days. First of all we all have to know what exactly Flat warts are. A Flat Wart is a small growth that appears on our face, our hands or our feet. It just looks like a solid blister. It can also appear on any other parts of the body. Warts are different from moles. Some ladies think they are moles but they are quite different. Moles are dark in color and they become quite large after some time but Flat Warts remain small in size and they are same in color as of our skin.

Warts are different in shape as it depends on which part warts are appearing. The Wart which appears on our face is known as Facial Warts. It can occur on any age of people and these are very common among the children’s.

Warts appear on so many other parts of our body. It can occur to everyone whether they are female or male. It can occur on particular areas like on our arms, backs of hands and can be occurred on the bearded areas of men.  The main reason for this Flat Warts is the infection of the body by the human Papillomavirus (HPV). This virus leads to proliferations on the skin in the form of HPV Warts. It is the member of the human papillomavirus (HPV) family. Some people think they are strain of cancer. But they are not cancerous just some strain of HPV. These Flat warts are contagious. It can be delivered from one person to another and from one area of the body to another. Flat Warts happened to young people also when they undergone to some hormonal changes.

If you are not cleared that what skin problem you are facing like is it Flat Warts or moles then you can confirm from these details. The disease clinical pictures are very simple to know. It occurs on the face, back of hands, or the lower part of the legs. It look like flat round or oval shape of 1- 2 mm above the skin and it almost 1 to 3 mm in diameter, it rarely increased up to 9 mm. it color is  as same as your skin color is to pinkish brown or yellowish pink. It generally often Flat Warts merge on the skin in large groups. Sometimes it started by itching on your skin. By these details you will know what exactly your problem is.

Always remember that it doesn’t appear on the skin of the palms and soles of the feet and in the groin. It mostly occurred to the young people and not older people above 40. It mostly happened to the young girls when they undergone to the hormonal changes. At that particular time the immunity of girls became weak as compared to other time than that time this virus usually develops. And later this type of Flat Warts never occurs again.

When should we see Doctors regarding this Flat Wart on the Face?

When you see Flat Warts on your face or any other body parts and you are sure that it is Flat Wart then you must visit your doctor immediately. And if you are little bit confused regarding this Flat Warts and you are not sure then also you must visit your doctor. Not every Wart is treated medically. Most of the Flat Warts disappear itself.

You also visit your doctor Flat Warts are causing pain and it bleeds and changes appearances and easily spreading to other parts of your body and it is occurring again and again. If you want to remove your Flat Warts for cosmetic reasons then also you must see the doctor.

Causes of Flat Warts

Different HPV (human papilloma virus) strains cause warts. It can also occurs when there is close skin-to-skin contact, as well as through contact with towels or shoes.

The wart-causing virus can be spread to other parts of the body in the following ways:

  • If you have shaved your face and legs that can also spread the Flat Wart which causes virus to other parts of the body.
  • If your Flat Wart is scratched or bite by somebody.
  • If your finger is sucked by someone.
  • If you bite your fingernails then it also cause Flat Warts to spread on your fingertips and around your nails.

If somebody skin is damaged or wet or comes into the contact of any rough surface then it is very easy to catch infection on immediate basis. We can also give you some examples like if a person with scratches or cuts on the soles of their feet is more easily to catch viruses in it and be aware to go to public swimming pools.

All people have different immune systems. Some people gets develop Flat Warts when they come to contact with someone else or while others don’t get virus. The risk from these types of viruses is fairly small but we can’t say that it doesn’t exist. We can say that Flat Warts are very much contagious.

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Treatment of Flat Warts on Face

Some of the Flat Warts clear up without treatment. It depends upon person to person that how much time it takes for them to clear. Some of the Flat Warts take so long to clear up. It is very less possible that Flat Warts may clear up without treatment within weeks.

The types of treatment depends on where the Flat Wart is located on the parts of the body and how many Flat Warts are there. Some treatment may cause irritation to your skin or may cause pain and even blistering.

Salicylic acid

You can get this salicylic acid without doctor’s prescription. This acid helps you to get rid of most of the Flat Warts within three months. It is very important to take care of your skin while applying this treatment. It can affect you on your skin. If you want to protect your skin around the Flat Wart then you can apply petroleum jelly or a corn plaster nearby that.

If you want to use salicylic acid on your Flat Wart then firstly soak the Wart in water about five minutes. After that you can rub dead tissue off the surface of the Flat Wart with pumice stone. You have to keep this tissue away from everybody. Make sure you do not share it with anybody else. Apply this treatment daily about two to three months. If the skin becomes soft then stop the treatment.

 Make sure you do not share it with anybody else. In most cases, treatment is applied daily for about three months. If the skin becomes sore, stop the treatment. This Salicylic Acid should not used on any other part of your face where Flat Warts is not. If you are physically fit then only apply this. It means if you are in poor circulation then you should not use this Salicylic Acid medication.

Duct tape

You can also use duct tape in order to get rid of warts. This Duct tape is use on the wart and leaves it for about six days, and then removed. Then soak your Flat Wart in warm water for about five minutes and after that your dead tissue will remove with the help of pumice stone. Keep check that your pumice stone is not used by anybody else. Then keep your Flat wart under covered overnight, and then place new piece of duct tape next day.


This is the way of Flat Warts removal. It is very cold liquid nitrogen which is sprayed onto the Flat Warts to destroy them. This treatment is done by a healthcare professional and may require a local anesthetic. If the Flat Wart is large, several treatments may be required over a number of weeks. This treatment has low risk of skin irritation.


This is also another way of removing the Flat Warts. This is not very happening for Flat Warts. By this surgery Flat Warts may come again. It is little bit scary for the patient. Surgery may be recommended if other treatments have not worked. If the wart is very big, it will be cut out.

Laser treatment

A laser beam is used to destroy the Flat Wart. Laser treatment is done only when Flat Warts are hard to treat.


In this treatment an electric current is used to burn off all the Flat Wart.

Photodynamic therapy

By this therapy a chemical is activated by light and it destroys the Flat Warts cells.

Chemical treatments

This chemical treatment is available on prescription only. This may include formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde and podophyllin. It is applied only on the Flat Wart, and not on the surrounding skin.

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 The doctors apply this substance on the warts. Usually this is mixed with other chemicals, applied it on the Flat Warts and covered with a bandage. It is painless and comfortable.

If you want to cure from this Flat Warts just keep few things in mind. Please do not touch other people warts. Please do not use towels other personal items of your love ones to cure them from these Flat Warts. Keep all these causes and treatment in mind to prevent from Flat Warts.

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