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Wonderful tricks to remove Permanent Tattoos

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A tattoo is a permanent imprint of colored ink on your skin. There are many reasons for people to get inked. Some do it for showing love by inking the name of their beloved ones while others do it for passion and style. Tattoos are painful and permanent yet people tend to make tattoos due to the rising trend however this becomes a reason of remorse for some people who afterwards don’t want it.

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So before you think of getting inked reconsider it and rethink before you take that step of getting a permanent tattoo. We tend to get tattoos of our beloved ones names, symbols or something which we are really fond of. But sometimes we are bored or we don’t like that tattoo on our skin anymore so we think of removing it.

Removing a permanent tattoo is not that easy. You can opt for professional methods or home remedies. Using a professional one can cost you a lot to get rid of that unwanted tattoos. So before you go ahead and spend that huge amount try out some home methods that are really effective in removing permanent tattoos. But this has to be done very carefully and if any problems persist do consult your doctor as the scar of tattoo may remain on the skin if not treated well. Before using the natural home tattoo removal you have to discover and get familiar with different specific tattoo removal methods and one must learn the methodology properly.

You can opt for treatments to remove permanent tattoos listed below:

1. Laser treatment


This is the most popular method to remove permanent tattoos effectively. However the laser treatment you undergo is painful and may not suit your pockets as it is a very expensive procedure. It is much higher than the amount that you paid to get that tattoo on your body. In this process the laser is pinpointed on the tattoo and it breaks down the pigments of the tattoo in the skin. This treatment may require multiple sittings and with time the pigments are decomposed in the skin. The average cost is Rs 8000 per hour and the pain caused is just double the pain that you get when you get inked.

2. Surgical excision

You can undergo a surgery which is more convenient and less painful than the laser one. It is fixed in just one sitting. The tattooed skin is covered with another layer of skin. This method is quick and you get rid of that tattoo forever with no scars and infection. However the cost varies from Rs 10,000 to Rs 70,000. However proper recovery is required and the recovery time is 5 days.


If you don’t feel like going for these expensive specialized treatments then you can try these wonderful tricks at home to get rid of that unwanted tattoo.

3. Salabrasion

This is the top homemade remedy for tattoo removal and gives you guaranteed results. The term Salabrasion comes from salt and dermabrasion (removal of superficial layers of skin using an abrasive tool). It is procedure in which we use salt to perform dermabrasion by rubbing a abrasive pad soaked in salt.


It is a procedure of removing the epidermis layer (upper layer of skin) and does it till reaches the dermis where the tattoo ink is there.


  • Clean the skin near tattoo thoroughly. If there are any hairs present remove it using a razor so that you can easily do the procedure.
  • Now apply some antiseptic solution or cream on the area to avoid infections and ensuring no bacteria’s are present on the skin.
  • Take a sponge and dip it in water. Then take it out and squeeze it to remove excess water. It should be bit wet.
    Now dip the sponge in salt and roll it in salt until the sponge is completely covered with salt.
  • Scrub your tattooed skin with this salt sponge and do it till 30 minutes. Off course it is painful, keep doing it until upper layer of skin comes off.
  • After the area has dried, apply some antiseptic cream on it to avoid any infection. Moreover it will give you some relief from the redness.
  • Apply a bandage and keep it for 3 days. Check if there is redness left and any signs of infection.

Another way:

  • Moisten the tattooed area using a clean towel and spread some salt on it.
  • Start rubbing the area until it turns red or starts bleeding.
  • Wash the area with warm water and then apply a cotton ball soaked in hydrogen peroxide on the affected area. Hydrogen peroxide has antibacterial properties and will check for infections.
  • Take a vitamin E capsule and spread its content on the affected area and cover it with a medical tape for a quicker healing.

You will see the tattoo fading however to completely remove it you can repeat the procedure but after the recovery of the treated skin.

5. Aloe Vera, Paederia Tomentosa and Vitamin E


The combination of these three ingredients works excellent in fading tattoos and gradually with time helps in their removal as well. Aloe Vera is known for its properties for treating skin and can be used for lightening tattoos along with paederia tomentosa and vitamin E.


  • Squeeze out 1 teaspoon of aloe extract or aloe gel.
  • Mix paederia tomentosa and 2 vitamin E capsules popped out.
  • Make a thick paste and you get your home made tattoo removal cream.
  • Apply it on the affected area for 10 minutes and rub it in circular motion. Finish off rinsing the skin. Do it three or four times a day.
  • This is a natural way and hence there are no chances of infections or scars.

6. Create your own chemical peel using home ingredients

Chemical peel is a type of cosmetic surgery and can cost you a lot. Instead of going for that try out this easy chemical peel at home which take time to remove the tattoo however is effective.



  • Mix vitamin E contents with apricot scrub and Aloe Vera gel/extract in equal quantities.
  • Blend the ingredients well and use the mixture to apply on affected area and rub it in circular motions.
  • Let the solution soak into your skin completely and then rinse off.
  • If this procedure is done daily 4 times a day for a complete month you will see the amazing results.

7. Lemon juice and salt to lighten tattoos


Lemon contains vitamin C and natural acids that work as skin lightening agents and mild detergents for the skin. When lemon is combined with salt it works wonders as salt deeply penetrates into the skin cells and blurs the ink and peels off one layer of skin to help removal of tattoo. It can be bit harsh for your skin so beware. You may sore on the skin.


  • Mix lemon juice in 100 g of salt.
  • Soak a cotton ball in the mixture and apply it on the affected area.
  • Start rubbing the cotton ball for at least 40-60 minutes till the time lemon juice deeply penetrates your skin.
  • Clean the skin with warm water and use lavender oil to prevent scars. If you get a sore use antiseptic cream for recovery.

8. Honey for fading tattoo


Honey is a natural ingredient and applying honey multiple times a day on the tattooed skin can prove out to be really helpful for removing that tattoo. The best part is as it is a natural way it gives you no scars and there is no chances of infection as honey itself has antibacterial properties. However honey only fades the tattoo. The complete removal of the tattoo is not guaranteed. It is more effective to be used on light colored tattoos.


  • Honey
  • Aloe Vera
  • Yogurt
  • Salt


  • Mix all the ingredients in a bowl to make a natural tattoo removal cream.
  • Clean your skin where the tattoo is there.
  • Then apply the cream onto the tattoo and massage it in such a way that the cream penetrates the skin and removes the ink that is there in the epidermis of the skin.
  • Remove the cream after half an hour and wash the area. Repeat it for few weeks to get desired results.

Additional tips:

  • You can try these listed home remedies but there is always a risk of scarring and infection when you try these harsh options like Salabrasion. If you opt for less harsh remedies the results may be slow and you have to be patient in that situation. If you want quick results you can always opt for a surgical treatment or a laser one.
  • Always use an antiseptic ointment after the treatment of tattoo to avoid infection.
  • You can use lavender oil to remove scars or irregular surface of skin caused by tattoos. Massage this oil in morning and evening to get that skin back that you had before tattoo.
  • You can use tattoo removal creams and can also use make up to hide the tattoos for a time being.

Piece of advice:

The best way to prevent yourself from all this pain is to take your decision wisely and “not to get a bad tattoo”. You can always get a temporary tattoo and try it first whether it suits you or not and then think of getting a permanent one. This will reduce your effort and pain.

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