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Would you date a guy/girl with acne?

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Would you date a guy/girl with acne?

One of the most traumatizing effects of acne is how unattractive they make us feel. Not only will they make us lose our confidence, they can make us feel that we are no more beautiful or attractive like our friends. It’s even more devastating when you have a date and a number of acne pop up out all over your face.

Trust me; starting a new relationship is hard. You have to be the best you can; you need to appear your best all time, and above make sure you look attractive to your date. Having acne constantly popping out all over your face at this time is terrifying, it makes you feel like other people especially your potential date is repulsed by your skin.

To address the question whether a guy/girl can date someone with acne, let’s begin with bad news and then good news.

Are you ready for it?

The bad news is that most people really don’t like dating people with acne. A girl will feel that his boyfriend is still immature if he has acne all over his face while a guy thinks that his girlfriend needs the serious lesson on cleanliness if his girlfriend has lots of acne and he doesn’t.

There are chances that a girl with severe acne will face the serious struggle to find someone that will date her. The truth is that guys consider a girl’s facial appearance when assessing female attractiveness. Even if the girl has other attractive qualities like good character, caring and warm heart, she may not have the opportunity to share these attributes because she has already been written-off from a distance due to her bad skin.

On the other hand, the way girls assess man’s attractiveness is somewhat different. Women put into consideration a man’s look and do what is known as “aura” search, they also consider the guy’s manners, confidence, and kind eyes. There are not very many women that will rule out dating a man with other good quality but has a bad skin. However, most men will rule out dating a woman with bad skin.

Going further, it is easier for a teen girl with acne problem to get dates but a fully grown woman in her late 20’s and 30’s with bad skin is quite another a serious problem. A man may feel that bad acne is not something he should accommodate when most adult women, in fact, don’t suffer from severe teen-like acne. One reason for this is not unconnected with the fact that male ego secretly loves for another male around to want what he has, therefore he will like to date a female who draw the attention of another male folk. A girl’s look means a lot to his boyfriend and there would have been an overwhelming justification for a man to date a girl with serious acne problem.

Women, on the other hand, prefer a man that treats them very well to one that looks like Elvis. They prefer a man that gives them the special place in his life, so they are more likely to date a man with acne problem but treats her well. It is highly unlikely that a bad skin will render any man “undateable” although he may suffer to get a girlfriend in high school stage.

In the nutshell, females with severe acne suffer more prejudice than men who did, simply because men value looks above other things in a woman. However, you should not allow these prejudices to ruin your dating life if you suffer from bad skin. Don’t allow it to make you believe your acne has ruined your appeal. Confidence is very attractive as well.

Here is the good news

One or two acne in your face will not prevent you from getting a date and it is easier for girls with mastery of good makeup to cover such acne. In fact, no one cares about few small acne in your face. However, they become a problem when they are big and severe. Don’t lose hope yet, you can still date if you want. Confidence is just as attractive as the pretty face. If you have the good confidence level, you will barely notice the acne in your face.

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What the stat says

A look at some independent survey shows that most guys are willing to date a girl with acne and girls feel the same way too. A survey by is it normal where guys were asked “how they will feel about dating girls with acne” shows the following result;

  • 520 people feel it’s disgusting and would never date a girl with acne
  • 2561 people say that they don’t really care as long as her features are pretty.
  • 995 boys responded that appearance doesn’t matter to them.

Girls were also asked how they will “feel about dating a guy with acne” in the same survey, more than 87% says they wouldn’t mind dating a guy with acne.

The same question was asked in another independent survey by girlsaksguys.com and we have the following answers below.

date a girl with acne survey
Source: Girlsaskguys.com


Acne is not a deal-breaker when it comes to dating. It may turn off some heads but you will still get someone that values you for who you are. However, you need to take steps to reduce/get rid of your acne to make your dating life more exciting.

Looking forward to a big date? Below are some ways you can take care of your acne before the big event

How to take care of your acne before a big date

Having acne just before a big date can be very terrifying. Those unapologetic zits seem to appear when you least have time for them, below are some ways you can take care of them to look good before the big event.

1. Use Makeup

This is where girls have an upper-hand, if you know your way around makeups, you can actually use them to mask acne before going on your date or attend the big event.

2. Use Spot Treatment

You can use a spot treatment to avert acne problem when you have a big date coming up. This type of treatment uses potent acne-fight ingredients such as sulfur and salicylic acid to shrink acne.

3. Toothpaste

Toothpaste treatment is very similar to spot treatment. Toothpaste has the capability to dry out your pimples in a matter of few hours. Apply only classic white toothpaste instead of a gel formula and leave it overnight. Avoid toothpaste treatment if you have a sensitive skin.

4. Egg Whites

Apply egg white on your acne and leave it overnight. Simply separate the egg white from the yolk and whisk it in a saucepan or plate. Apply the whisked egg white on your face using clean fingers and allow it to stay for about twenty minutes.

5. Green Tea

Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties and they can be very beneficial in your fight against acne. To use green tea for a quick fix, boil a pot of green tea and then remove the tea bag. Dab the tea bad on the acne area once it’s cooled.

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Treating acne can be a daunting task. Nobody likes acne and I think am saying the truth when I say almost everyone will prefer that acne doesn’t exist. However they do, and if you are a victim of it, you need to deal with it. Don’t allow them to ruin your day any longer, there are natural ways, supplements, and lifestyle you can adopt to say goodbye forever to acne.

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