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(Bhirad ka Chatta) Yellow Beehive for Hair loss – 100% Cure for Alopecia

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What is Alopecia?alopecia

Alopecia is the medical term for “baldness or extensive hair loss”. It is an autoimmune disease in which the person’s immune system attacks their own body. This can be very embarrassing to lose hair or baldness. There are many types of Alopecia disease and one of the types is called ‘Alopecia Areata’. It is a type of hair loss in which your own immune system mistakenly attacks your hair follicles. Hair follicles are responsible for the hair growth. This autoimmune disease attacks the hair follicles ultimately leading to baldness or clumps of hair coming out. However, the damage to the follicle is not permanent. This is usually common in people of young age group however it can affect any age group. Women and men are affected equally. Even the experts are not aware of the reasons why the immune system attacks the hair follicles. In this disease not just baldness but also clumps of hair fall out, round hairless patches on the scalp, break off of hair from middle length leaving short stubs are the consequences. It is a type of communicable disease as a person using the comb or towel off the person suffering from alopecia may also get the same problem.

Causes of Alopecia

  • Family history or genitival problems can be one of the major reasons behind this problem.
  • Some people have autoimmune disorders such as type 1 diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis which may lead to causing another autoimmune disease that is alopecia
  • The people prone to allergies are more prone to this.
  • Some people have a problem of extensive hair loss which ultimately leads to baldness.
  • Inadequate nutrition
  • Stress
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Baldness at the age of puberty or before puberty

Symptoms of Alopecia

  • The major symptom of alopecia is baldness and you will get to know that you are suffering from this disorder
  • You will find small round patches on scalp
  • There are two types of hair loss you may face:
  1. alopecia total- which is the loss of all hair on the scalp
  2. alopecia universal- which is the loss of all hair on the entire body

Any of these two symptoms show that you are suffering from this disorder.

  • Clumps of hair on your pillow or while shower is also a simple indication
  • Some people have abnormal color, shape, texture, or thickness of the fingernails or toenails

If you are facing any of these problems treat your hair at the first place with some home remedy or some treatment because if it takes a chronic form it may lead to permanent baldness. We all are very conscious about our hair as it is one of the most important factors for us to look good be it a man or a woman.

Here is one home remedy I am going share which guarantees 100% cure from alopecia

“Bhirad  ka Chatta”

This is an ayurvedic treatment and guarantees 100% results for hair loss. Bhirad refers “yellow bee” and the term Bhirad ka chatter is nothing but a hive or nest of yellow bees popularly known as “Taqiyya”. This is a small insect and you will find bhirad ka chatta mostly in summer time.  This is a natural way which is fully reliable and economical. We will use coconut oil and Gudhal flower along with wasp nest to form great oil for your hair. The goodness of coconut oil works as a conditioner and promotes hair growth. Hibiscus rosa Sinensis(Gudhal)) plant also called “the flower for hair care” leads to the healthy scalp and has great medicinal properties.

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  • Empty Yellow Wasp nest or chatta 25 gram


  • 10-15 leaves of gu dhal (hibiscus rosa Sinensis)


  • Half litre Coconut oil



  • Take a wasp nest which can be extracted from the beehive or yellow bees hive.
  • Take a saucepan and heat the wasp nest along with gu dhal and coconut oil.
  • Cook until the chatter turns black.
  • Filter the oil in a bottle and remove the leftover residues.

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And here you get your bhirad k chatte ka tel/ oil which you can apply daily to your scalp to get your lost hair back. This oil deeply nourishes your hair and removes all the bacterial and fungal attacks on hair. It promotes hair growth by reducing the attack on hair follicles which are the major reason for hair growth. The people who face the problem of break off of hair from middle can also use it as it reduces break offs up to the certain extent and leads to the generation of new hair follicles on the scalp. It also increases the density of hair.

Apply it on the root and scalp and gently massage the hair roots for an hour daily. Leave it overnight so that the oil can penetrate to roots. Wash your hair with an ayurvedic or mild shampoo. For better results what you can do is use kuler leaves juice along with onion juice. Combine the two and apply it on your hair before applying this oil. You will get guaranteed results and better hair.

Try this at least twice in a week.

If you have dandruff problem as well then you can use one tbsp such age ki kheer, one tbsp coconut oil, one tbsp neem oil, two or three tbsp curd as per the hair density. Apply this mask on hair for half an hour and then wash your hair. You can apply this mask after the application of bhirad ka chatta oil.

Additional Tips:

You can take few more measures along with this oil to get faster results like reducing the intake of excess oil, canned food, sugar, and salt. Moreover concentrate more on the nutritional diets like pomegranates, celery, spinach, sesame, curry leaves, yogurt, mustard greens and sweet potatoes as this food promotes hair growth. Along with it, you can try these yoga asanas at home like shale haste(the locust pose),sirs asana(headstand),Vajrayana(sitting asana), ad ho muka savasana(downward facing dog pose) as these are really beneficial. It is always advised not to use the others towel/comb or the ones which are provided in hotel rooms as the hair problems of that person may be transferred to you as it is communicable and transfers from one person to another.

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