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Amazing Benefits of Argan oil for Hairs

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In this day or age, everyone of us wants to look good by achieving good health, beautiful and glowing skin, long and lustrous hair and fit n fine body. What if, all of these desires get fulfilled by using a natural supplement that is totally chemical free and can treat your skin, hair, and health at the same time? This is none other than argan oil that can offer you various things at the same time.

What is argan oil?

Argan oil is a product of Moroccan argan tree that is rich in vitamins, minerals, and various other nutrients. This wholesome fruit has become quite popular in past few years and can be used in various ways such as people use it on salads, for skin massage, for hair conditioning and also as a home remedy for treating bug bites, skin rashes or any skin infections. The versatility and amazing qualities of this Moroccan fruit make this oil called as a ‘liquid gold’.

what_is_argan_oilThe argan oil is created from the kernels or fruit that is found under the nut of argan fruit. These nuts are collected by Moroccan people and then smashed to extract the argan oil. This chemical free natural oil is being used by people for generations as a dietary supplement, moisturizer and mainly as a hair supplement because of its proven results.

Healthy benefits of argan oil:

Argan oil is a complete package of surprising factors that can treat human hairs by conditioning them with the richness of vitamins and minerals. This amazing oil is an excellent hair moisturizer for both men and women hairs. Besides, this it has excellent healing properties as it is rich with both vitamin A and E. The tocopherol and anti-oxidants properties from vitamin E encourage cell production and routes required ingredients to the hair follicle that argan-oil-benefitesnourishes the hair roots and regenerates the cell wonderfully. As we know that Argan oil is quite popular for its amazing healing properties for body and hairs as well that can treat damaged frenzy hair, split ends and color treated hair too and this is because this oil contains a complete package of anti-oxidants, various nutrients and fatty acids such as the omega-6 fatty acid and linoleic acid that do all of the work. A simple application of few drops of this oil after taking the bath can do wonders and improves the texture of hair. Application of this oil on scalp nourishes the keratin of hair because the oil gets penetrate into hair follicle and shafts that enhance the growth, texture and add shine in hair.

As now we all know about the goodness of argan oil that a few drops of it can do wonders, it’s healing properties that can nourish, regenerate the damaged hairs and why we should use it as the beauty regimen. So now we are going to explore the detailed usages of argan oil for hair:

Usage of argan oil to have lustrous and healthy hair:

Using few drops of argan oil for hair on regular basis will help you in getting rid of unwanted hair fall, frizzy hair, split ends, dandruff, and roughness of hair. Although having a 100 percent pure argan oil is the bit difficult as its price is so high, but you can still use it to treat damaged hair as the few drops of it would be enough to get better results. This oil has no side effects you can even use it for color treated hair as well because it would not cause you any harm. The qualities those are present in this oil comes from vitamins and fatty acid that works as a supplement to treat the damaged caused on your hair due to the application of chemical agents.

Few usages:

1. Use argan oil as shampoo:

argan-oil-as-shampooArgan oil has several ingredients that do a lot of functioning among which one is restoring the softness, strength, and shine of hair. Because of this argan oil is used as the main ingredient in shampoo as it nourishes the hair without making them too dry or too greasy. Shampoo containing the ideal ingredient of argan oil can be used on any hair type. It’s just like any other natural shampoo and you can easily apply it just like a normal shampoo it won’t show any negative effects. The one good thing about the shampoos containing argan oil as a key element is that you need not worry about the quantity of oil that would be perfect for your hair as it already contains the correct quantity of oil that will make your hair soft without over donning them.

2. Use argan oil as hair conditioner:

Amazing benefits of Argan oil for hairsFor using argan oil as a hair conditioner follow these few steps:

  • After taking the shower take a few drops of oil on hand and massage it properly using palms.
  • Then with the use of finger tips comb your wet hair properly with your hands and fingers.
  • To get the best results always use it in wet hair.

The best part of using argan oil as hair conditioner is that it hydrates and moisturizes the scalp along with adding a shine in hair. Those people who use products like curler, straight iron or spray on hairs for regular styling should use this as a serum as it protects the hair from damage caused by excess heat.

3. Use argan oil as hair styling product:

Amazing benefits of Argan oil for hairsUsing hair styling product on hairs as often can damage your hairs and also cause them break off from roots. So it is advisable to use this chemical free natural oil to style your hair in daily routine as it makes hair styling easy and also protects the hair from chemicals that are present in market hair styling products. Harsh chemical products may add shine to your hair for some time but for long term results or repetitive usage of it damages your hair and makes them rough, thin and weak. While few drops of this oil effectively improve the texture of your hair with time and also adds shine to hair. The last and best thing about using this as hair styling product is that few drops of argan oil will last for the whole day without decreasing the quality of your hair.

4. Perfect oil for all hair type:

oil-for-all-hair-typeAs we know that this oil is a perfect moisturizer for all hair type and nourishes the hair follicle by providing them required ingredients. So you can use it as hair treatment oil also. If you are suffering from the problem of dandruff, rough hair or hair fall then switch from your regular hair to argan oil and see its effective results.

How to use it:

  • Take few drops of oil in the bowl and place it in the microwave to get warm or if you do not want to heat it then take 4-10 drops of argan oil on your palm and rub it with both hands till it feels warm.
  • Then apply it on your scalp and massage properly especially on skull part as it needs much oil in that part.
  • Continue doing massage till the oil gets absorb in the scalp.
  • After applying oil on scalp and massaging well. Apply some oil on hair also.
  • Now place a shower cap by securing all the hair in it so that your pillow doesn’t get oily and leave the hair for few hours or overnight.
  • Then next morning or after few hours rinse off oil by washing hair with shampoo.
  • Repeating this process twice in a week can make your hair dandruff free.

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5. Use argan oil as safeguard:

Amazing benefits of Argan oil for hairsOne can use argan oil as a safeguard to protect hairs from sun rays and heat releases from heat styling products.

How to use it:

  • Take 4-8 drops of argan oil on hand and rub it properly with both hands then start applying it from roots to ends.
  • Then move your hands thoroughly in hair so that the oil get to absorb and leaves an extra shine in hair.
  • Doing this not only makes your hair look lustrous and shiny but also adds a safeguard layer to protect your hair from UV rays.
  • Also applying it before using any styling product such as blow dryer, curler or straighter can resist the heat to enter into hair roots and prevents to cause any harm to hair.
  • Besides protecting the hair from excess heat and damage, it provides the required nourishment to your long lush locks that make them look healthy and shiny.

6. Use argan oil to have soft and strong hairs:

Amazing benefits of Argan oil for hairsSome girls have curly hair which doesn’t feel soft while some who have straight but rough hair and want to have smooth, soft hair then it is no longer difficult now. As the argan oil is a solution of your all problems. Moreover, it doesn’t demand you to put any extra efforts in your hair. It just needs you to massage your hair and scalp properly with argan oil because this oil works as a follicle and shaft softener and once the follicle gets moisturized your hair automatically get softer with time passing by.

Continue the process of massaging with argan oil twice in a week to get shiny, smooth and soft hair and it is advisable to massage before going to bed for the overnight nourishment of hair follicle and shaft.

7. Use argan oil with your hair product such as shampoo and conditioner:

Amazing benefits of Argan oil for hairsUsing a few drops of argan oil with your shampoo and conditioner can leave you with the unbelievable result. Few drops of argan oil in shampoo and conditioner leave hair with moisturizing effects.

8. Use argan oil as hair growth promoter:

Amazing benefits of Argan oil for hairsThe problem of hair fall is common nowadays in every age group and numbers of people are looking forward to getting the solution of it to stop hair fall. So now you need not worry anymore as the argan oil is scientifically proved as a good hair product to stop hair fall. Along with stopping hair fall this oil also helps in hair re-growth process and cell regeneration that no other oil provides. But to resolve the issue treat your hair at least once or twice in a week for better hair growth. Doing this can make your hair long, beautiful, thick and strong.

Add argan oil rich products in your hair care and skin care routine

As the health benefits of argan oil are now clinically proven and its excellent results are also gaining popularity in the market, because of which many popular internationally branded companies started delivering their skin and hair products that contain argan oil as key ingredient and recommendable for everyone to use in their skin care and hair care routine to get effective and efficient results.

From skincare moisturizer to daily use shampoo and conditioners it is now being used in every product to moisturize your hair and skin with rich ingredients of argan oil. If you are interested in using argan oil rich products that are gentle for hair and offers excellent result in the only small number of usages.

Here you can explore few products that are rich in argan oil and can help you to have your dreamy long lush locks:

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Organic argan oil:

This oil can be used by both men and women to have smooth, shiny and beautiful hair. Moreover, it is 100 percent organic oil without any chemical additives. This argan oil can be used by men over their beard to nourish and moisturize their skin with rich factors of argan oil.

Argan oil rich shampoo and conditioner:

Argan oil rich shampoo and conditioner is the perfect solution for damaged and frizzy hair. It treats them by nourishing the hair roots and then provides the required ingredients to the ends of hair. Its healing properties make it versatile to use for any hair type.


Be it a conditioner, shampoo, moisturizer, safeguard or oil as obvious this argan oil is perfect of every kind and can be used in every way as you want to use it. This argan oil will surely benefit you if you will include it in your beauty care routine either it is your hair, skin or health. So, all in all, use this amazing oil in your daily routine and enjoy its excellent results.

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