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Explore With Top 10 Botox Clinics in the World

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Botox is a brand name of drug developed from neurotoxin that is produced by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum also known as Botulinum toxin. This drug is used to counter wrinkles and there is no risk or danger when used properly. Botox has been quite popular for over a century and used for various medical purposes to treat various problems such as eye problems, muscles stiffness, and overactive bladder problem or to remove wrinkles by cosmetic surgery.

 There is a common misconception about Botox is that it can damage muscles by paralyzing it. Although it paralyzes the muscles temporarily to limit the activities so that it can heal the affected area without causing any harm to your body.

Working process of a Botox:

The most common term that we hear about Botox is paralyzing the muscles for a short time but in actual, it means “blocking the signal that goes from nerves to muscles”. The major reason behind causing wrinkles is that the injected muscles can no longer contract and by doing this treatment the muscles get relaxed and softer for a longer time.

This Botox surgery is used often by a number of people to treat forehead lines, wrinkles around eye circle and fine lines on the face.

Top 10 best Botox clinic around the world:

If you are also thinking of Botox surgery for getting a wrinkle free face then explore these top best Botox clinics that are present all around the world to help you with their best practices, services, and care.

1. Harley Street, London clinic

10 Harley St Marylebone, London W1G 9PF

This clinic of Dr. Dan Dhunna is well-known across the world for the best instruments and medical care. The only aim of all the clinical treatments in this clinic is to provide best-desired results to their patients.

lc3-vertPrice Guide:

All the consultation and treatment for Botox surgeries are carried out by Dr. Dhunna himself for which prices may vary according to different treatment ranging from 195 Euros to 450 Euros.


  • Dr. Dhunna is a perfectionist, very skilled person with aesthetic eyes that will always give you the exact results you desire for.
  • Harley Street is a perfect clinic to go if you are dying to get luscious lip, fashionable cheeks or beautiful skin.
  • Based on the personal experiences of patients it has proved that they provide the most natural, youthful results after surgery and the staff over there is wonderful.
  • Although the results and patients experience are overwhelming but the prices of this clinic is bit high for a normal person’s pocket.

2. Rita Rakus Clinic, London

34 Hans Road, Knightsbridge, London SW3 1RW

Dr. Rita Rakus ‘The London lip queen’ which is the name on everybody lips from a famous celebrity to working women. Dr. Rita Rakus provides the best practices in their cosmetic surgeries.

clinic-1Price guide:

Dr. Rita’s clinic price guide for different treatment ranges from 180 Euros to 250 Euros depending on the area and treatment that you select.


  • Based on the reviews from the patients who have gone through several different surgeries from her clinic recommended her to be the best Dr. for cosmetic surgeries
  • According to the reviews from the people who have gone through different surgeries from their clinic reviewed that although the Dr. Rita is a truly magician and so professional in his work but the other practitioners over there are not that much helpful.

3. The Esthetic Clinic, Mumbai

The esthetic clinic is worldwide known for providing excellent facilities in cosmetic surgeries of your choice. Dr. Debraj Shome who is a founder of the clinic and a well established facial plastic surgeon believes that these cosmetic procedures can reconstruct your face and can make it beautiful than ever.

the-esthetic-clinic-mumbaiinsidePrice Guide:

The price of Botox in India is significantly lower than other countries ranging from 80 Euros to 250 Euros depending on the treatment you select.


  • Patients who have undergone through Botox surgeries in esthetic clinic found Dr. Debraj as the best surgeon for any kind of cosmetic enhancement.
  • The way with which Dr. Debraj pay attention to detail and his aesthetic bent of mind is a major reason behind the success of this clinic.

4. Yanhee Hospital, Bangkok

454 Charan Sanitwong Rd, Bangkok 10700, Thailand

Yankee international hospital is a well-established hospital popular for Botox treatment. At the Yanhee hospital, the well-trained doctors and helpful staff provide excellent facilities for any BOTOX treatment of your choice.

yanhee_1yanhee-check-up-featuredPrice Guide:

The price of cosmetic surgery in Yanhee hospital is comparably low as compared to US and UK prices ranging from 125 Euros to 305 Euros.


  • Getting a Botox treatment in Yanhee hospital of Bangkok is a perfect choice for anyone who is eager to get a cosmetic enhancement. This clinic provides timely treatment with well-being staff and high-quality products that are used under treatment.
  • Botox treatment in this hospital is inexpensive, safe and secure and you will get well treated by their staff and doctors.

5. Mendis aesthetics and surgery, Singapore

#04-17 Mandarin Gallery, 333A Orchard Road | 6235 1728

With Mendis aesthetics and surgery, patients can be assured of reliable and safe services.  Highly qualified doctors are available at Mendis aesthetics that provide professional and private consultation for the satisfaction of patients.

mendis-aesthetics-and-surgery-singaporePrice guide:   

Botox treatment cost at Mendis aesthetics and surgery starts from 270 Euros.


  • Mendis clinic delivers the best result to their patient by taking care of their needs and requirements.
  • The reviews about Mendis clinic describe that is a right place where you can get the youthful appearance under the eye of best surgeons.

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6. Dr. Raj Kanodia’s clinic, California

414 N Camden Dr. Ste 800, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Dr. Raj is known for combining modern medical skills with traditional principles of Ayurveda. Dr. Kanodia is a famous plastic surgeon who treated a number of celebrities. He is world-renowned for rhinoplasty but he treats patients with frown lines and wrinkles problem as well.

raj-kanodiyaPrice Guide:

The average price of Botox in Dr. Raj Kanodia clinic is 550 Euros or more depending on the treatment.


  • According to the number of patients review, it is noticed that Dr. Kanodia uses the skinniest needle that quickly heals the affected area and it is painless as well.
  • If anyone wants to have natural looking fuller lips, perfect shape nose and Botox then it is the right place to you.

7. Dr. Jose Juri clinic, Argentina

Cervino 3251, Buenos aires

Dr. Juri is an Argentinean plastic surgeon known for its adaptability according to the requirements of his client. He is one doctor who is an expert in various areas of cosmetic surgeries among which Botox also come.

screenshot-6Price guide:

In Dr. Jose Juri clinic price for Botox starts from 400 Euros to more depending on which treatment you select.


  • According to the patient’s opinions who are being treated by Dr. Juri, he is considered as one of the best surgeons because of the 100% natural results.

8. Dr. Des Fernandes Clinic, South Africa

Dr. Des Fernandes comes under top listed plastic surgeons for Botox. He excelled in the medical world with a facelift technique called suture suspension that minimizes the wrinkle and scar marks from the face.

dr-des-fernandes-clinic-south-africaPrice guide:

Dr. Fernandes clinic price for Botox starts from 100 Euros to more basis on the location you are selecting for treatment.


  • Skincare expert and plastic surgeon Dr. Des Fernandes is in-demand among various celebrities and other people because of his best practices and pioneering techniques.

9. Dr. Sebagh’s Clinic, London

Dr. Anne Mendelovici at Dr. Sebagh’s Clinic acknowledged as the most famous doctor for Botox surgeries. Dr. Anne has become such an expert in her field that today she has an extensive roster of regular patients every day whether they are celebrities or a normal person. She now comes under the count of leading doctors known for Botox.

dr-sebaghs-clinic-londonPrice guide:

When it comes to you the price doesn’t matter what really matter is the result and so the price of Botox in Dr. Seabagh clinic starts from 450 Euros to more depending on what treatment you are choosing.


  • This clinic specializes in offering flexible, new and exclusive cosmetic Botox surgeries that enhance the beauty and self-esteem of every individual patient.
  • The main aim of this clinic is the patient’s safety that they keep in mind by using high-quality products, modern and safe techniques.
  • Based on the patients’ review and the services that Dr. Seabagh clinic provides are out of the world. Moreover, they provide various amazing skin care products that are amazing and good for skin.

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10 Dr. Jonquille Chantrey clinic, UK

Dr. Chantrey is one leading name in the world of Botox and her each treatment is performed to maintain, preserve and enhance the unique beauty of each and every patient.

clinic-room-miss-chantrey1Price guide:

Prices for several treatments differ and patients are advised directly by Dr. Chantrey regarding their customized treatment plan.

In Dr. Chantrey Botox surgery prices start from 175 Euros that becomes more depending on your treatment plan.


  • The reviews came out from the patients who have gone through different surgeries from her clinic recommends Dr. Chantrey for any kind of Botox whether it is for frown lines, upper face, jaw line or neck.
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