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Eyelash loss (Madarosis) Causes, Treatment and Remedies

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Everyone loves long lush eyelashes that enhance the beauty of eyes and overall face as well by making your eyes look attractive. This is a dream of every girl to have dark black dreamy eyelashes that can make them look young, gorgeous and attractive. But in real it is like a nightmare for those ladies who are suffering from eyelash loss because of several reasons.

It is a normal thing to lose one or two eyelashes every day, because it is a continuous part of hair renewing but in this renewing process they should grow back within time. As it is a normal eyelash cycle, but if you are facing a problem in which you are losing lash hairs continuously and they are not growing back with time then either you should seek medical treatment at the earliest point or  can use several remedies to treat this at home. However in the meantime, while you are using any remedy or taking doctor’s help give an attention over what are you using in your makeup routine that making your eyelashes fall abnormally.

Eyelash loss (Madarosis) Causes, Treatment and RemediesWhat is loss of eyelash

Normally eyelash loss can cause because of several reasons, some of them can be normal but some shows the serious sign of health issues on which you have to pay attention with time otherwise the condition may get worse.

In biological term eyelash loss known as ‘ Madarosis’ the technical term that explains the falling out of eyelash hairs abnormally. Normally eyelash hair grows at the rate of approximately 0.15 mm per day and has the life of five to six months generally and after in renewing it takes minimum eight to ten weeks. Losing eyelashes is not a life threatening issue but you should pay attention that your body is demanding something extra if you are facing this kind of issue.

Few of common issues behind lashes falling out:

  • Blepharitis:

Blepharitis can be caused because of a number of reasons including allergies from dust, scent or anything else, bacterial infections or due to parasitic infestation. It is generally an inflammation that starts from eyelid or eyelash follicle that causes redness, itching, burning in the eye or can cause eyelash loss also.

  • Thyroid dysfunction:

Imbalance of thyroid in the body can also be a potential reason behind losing eyelashes. In the case of overactive thyroid gland, ‘hyperthyroid’ that don’t have the enough immunity to survive through the problems like tolerating heat, sleeping issues, weight losing, swelling of the neck or a headache that can lead to hairs falling whether it is about head hairs or eyelashes. While in underactive thyroid gland ‘hypothyroid’ have its different concerns including the inability of tolerance to cold, constipation problem or weight gain that leads to eyebrows and eyelashes become thinly dispersed, dry and hard but that can easily break.

  • Chemical allergy because of Mascara:

Most of the mascara in the market comes with chemicals that react with eye follicle and causes eyelashes to fall out by breaking the roots of hairs. Chemicals under mascara can cause allergy also to eyes and if your eyes are allergic to air born particles such as dust, any strong perfumes or talk then avoid using mascara as it grabs the particles in eyelashes and causes allergy. This allergic reaction knows as ‘Dermatitis’ in biological term whereas the irritation causes in conjunctiva because of allergens leads to ‘Conjunctivitis’.

  • Chemotherapy:

As we all know that chemotherapy is a major cause of hair loss, under which eyelash falling also come as one major disadvantage of it. Chemotherapy has its direct effect on hair follicles that breaks the hair from the root and this effect can show its result for short term or long term also. So in such condition taking a doctor advice is must before using anything on your own.

  • Alopecia Areata

‘Alopecia Areata’ the biological term that explains about the disorder of immune system that causes hair loss from any of the body parts in patches. It can be caused because of disordered immune cells that harm the hair follicle leading hair breakout. There is no cure for this disease but it can easily be treated by using topical products.

  • Trichotillomania Tangle

It is a kind of psychological disorder in which person plucks his hair intentionally be it eyelashes or eyebrows. It is an impulse control disorder because of which person pull out hairs directly from roots.

Home remedies:

As now we all know what eyelash loss is and also explored the causes behind eyelashes loss so now take a look at the treatment of it to get rid of this problem.

Here we are discussing few home remedies to get beautiful, long and lustrous dream lashes at home by just following given details:

1. Olive oil:

Olive oil is an ultimate ingredient and a perfect natural remedy to control falling out of eyelash. Besides, stopping hair fall it encourages hair growth also. But for that you need to apply it on your eyelashes and that you can do by z-olive-oilusing a mascara brush. Dip the brush in olive oil and gently apply it on your eyelashes before sleeping then leave it overnight. It starts working overnight by moisturizing and nourishing the hair roots. Then in morning wash eyes with lukewarm water. Applying it on regular basis can show the effective result in a month or two.

2. Brushing eyelashes:

Brushing your eyelashes can also help you to have long and splendid eyelashes. As brushing removes all the unwanted materials from the eyelashes and unclog all the pores. Brushing also increases the blood circulation that helps in applying the required ingredients to hair roots.

Steps to follow:

  1. Take a brush pour few drops of vitamin E oil or any essential oil over brush then use brush starting from hair roots to combine outwards.
  2. Just follow the above step, brushing eyelashes of both eyes in upward strokes for five minutes and twice in a day.

Thus continuing this process for a long time can leave you with the effective result and all it needs is just a brushing eyelash for five minutes in a day.

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3. Eyelid massage:

Eyelash loss (Madarosis) Causes, Treatment and RemediesThe massaging eyelid is a nice option to encourage hair growth. It all needs few drops of vitamin E oil, any petroleum jelly or any essential oil. Just put few drops of any of these things either on your finger tips or eyelids then start massaging gently along lids and lash line in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction for five minutes on both eyes. But always remember to wash your hands properly before doing this process. This remedy has excellent properties as massaging improves the blood circulation and the oil used provides the required nutrient to the hair follicle that prevents the eyelash falling issue by making hair strong and thick.

4. Castor oil:

Eyelash loss (Madarosis) Causes, Treatment and RemediesCastor oil works as the supplement for your eyelashes. It has several properties including antifungal, anti-bacterial and many others that help in having voluminous hairs.

Follow these steps to use powerful follicle stimulating castor oil:

  • Take a few drops of castor oil in a bowl and mix it with either olive oil or aloe vera gel.
  • Now take an ear bud and soak it in the bowl for seconds to absorb oil in the cotton then start applying it like you apply mascara.
  • Continue this process for few minutes before going to bed. Leave it to rest for overnight then wash it with lukewarm water in morning.
  • Following this process for few months can work as the wonder to get dreamy eyelashes.

5. Eyelash trimming:

Eyelash loss (Madarosis) Causes, Treatment and RemediesEyelash trimming is also an option to stimulate hair follicle and growing long eyelash hairs. Just like the way trimming makes your hair look voluminous and induce the growth likewise in the case of eyelash also it encourages the growth of hairs. There are various well- shaped cuticles trimming scissors available in the market that trims the ends of eyelashes. For safety measures use magnifying lenses before cutting down the hairs and also remember to not to cut off too much length of hairs as it will look bad if you make them too short. Also remember that you cut the lashes in curvaceous shape otherwise it can be disastrous if you just cut them off in a straight direction.

Doing this thing once in a week is necessary to clean off the unwanted hairs and can also make your eyelashes grow with double intensity.

6. Almond oil:

Eyelash loss (Madarosis) Causes, Treatment and RemediesAlmond oil is rich in Vitamin E which is good for eyelash hair as it the required nutrient for hair follicle. Along with this almond oil has antioxidant properties that provide the required glow and lustrous look to eyelashes. Now all you need is few drops of almond oil and an applicator brush that can be either clean mascara brush or ear bud also. Just pour few drops of almond oil on applicator brush and apply it on your eyelashes by moving brush on your lashes in upward strokes and allow it to rest on lashes for few seconds so that it can absorb oil in the hair follicle. On an additional tip to get the desired result, wash your eyes first before applying anything because the dust particles can be there present in your lashes that can clog the pores and can cause acne on your skin.  Now after applying the oil on lashes leave it overnight and rinse it off in morning with lukewarm water.

7. Lemon peel:

Eyelash loss (Madarosis) Causes, Treatment and RemediesLemon peel that is rich in antioxidants, anti-bacterial properties routes the necessary ingredients directly into hair roots to stimulate the growth of eyelashes. It also adds the volume to lashes by making them look bigger and shinier.

How to use it:

  • Take a lemon peel and slice it off in short pieces and mix it with an adequate amount of castor oil and olive oil.
  • Now leave it for a week or 10 days until the qualities of lemon get mixed with oils. Once the mixture is ready and oil is completely infused with lemon qualities then it is ready to apply.
  • Take a clean applicator brush and dip it into the mixture for few seconds then apply it on lashes like you apply mascara.
  • Repeat this process of applying for five minutes on both eyes and leave it either for the whole night or for some time as you like.
  • Then rinse it off with lukewarm water and notice the result in few months. You won’t get the result in some time or few days, it takes few months but with this, you will get the desired result.

8. Multivitamin tablets:

Eyelash loss (Madarosis) Causes, Treatment and RemediesMultivitamin tablets are a right supplement to make your body immune that lacks of essential vitamin and nutrients. It doesn’t give you healthy eyelashes only but will also give you healthy hairs, nail, and body. It will also make your body immune by providing the required vitamin to your body. But always remember to take doctor’s advice before taking any kind of supplement.

9. Brewer’s yeast with vitamin A and B:

Eyelash loss (Madarosis) Causes, Treatment and RemediesBrewer’s yeast is also good for eyelashes and mixing it with vitamin A and B will leave you with amazing results.  Applying the thick paste consisting of yeast and vitamin A and B is good for lashes but be careful while applying it as the thick paste can enter in your eye and leaving it for the whole night can stick the paste with lashes that can cause breakage of hairs while washing it in morning with lukewarm water.

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Preventive measures:

These were the remedies that you can if you are facing eyelash falling problem and can use it to have beautiful lashes also. But it is also good to use preventive measures to avoid arising of these problems. So here we are going to explore few of the preventive measures:

  1. If you are facing a problem of eyelash loss then before rushing towards any treatment or remedy just pay attention towards your simple hygiene. As it may be the reason behind causing various infections. Maintain hygiene in your daily life by using the clean and dry towel for face and always wash hands and eyes properly before applying anything on your eyes to remove the bacteria and germs.
  2. Use branded makeup to avoid any chemical reactions that can lead to eyelash falling.
  3. Always remember to remove the makeup before going to bed.
  4. Avoid using fake eyelashes as the gum present in it can cause infection in your eyes.
  5. Use good eyelash curler because the one wrong choice can damage the lashes and can break them directly from roots.
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