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How to Make Flawless Skin with Makeup

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Getting a naturally flawless skin is a next to impossible job as we all have some imperfections on our face. Nobody is born with that perfect skin. There can be many imperfections like uneven skin tone, dark circles, acne, dark patches, blackheads, blemishes, wrinkles and innumerable skin problems. But each one of us wants a perfect evenly toned flawless skin.  How to get that flawless skin? The answer would be the makeup of course. We can fake a flawless skin using makeup. This is for the all the ladies who occasionally face breakouts, aging problems and uneven skin tone faking flawless skin is now easier than ever. You just need to pick the right products for your skin which can conceal your imperfections, prevent breakouts, hide your signs of aging and evens your skin tone. This is less about using a lot of makeup and more about using the right makeup.

But you must be thinking where to start from as there are ample numbers of beauty products available in the market that a beginner will always get confused what is best for their skin and what not.

Don’t be worried ladies; we are here to help you out to get that flawless skin with makeup.

Fake Flawless SkinHere are the key steps for makeup to get that flawless skin:

1. Moisturize your skin nicely

First of all, wash your face with the face wash that suits your skin. If you have oily skin then use face scrub to clean off dirt and oil from face .By doing this your skin looks refreshing. The three keep steps are clean, tone and moisturize. If you want the makeup to look natural and you want a perfectly balanced skin then yes moisturizer is the key. No matter what skin type you have you should moisturize your skin before makeup. Take you moisturizer applies it and let it sink into the skin so that your skin feels good.

2. Apply Primer

After moisturizing your skin start with a primer.  The type of primer you choose should be as you’re your skin.  Primer creates a smooth base for makeup so yes using a primer is an essential part of makeup.  It evens out the skin tone and resurfaces it. It also hydrates and nourishes your skin so that your skin can look healthy. It helps fill lines and wrinkles and mattifies your face. It also protects your skin and brightens it.

3. Concealer

Concealer is used to get that flawless complexion.  A concealer is best when used with foundation. It used on small discolored areas like under eye, around the nose and on blemishes.  Concealer can be used before and after foundation. For less coverage use a concealer before foundation and for more coverage use a concealer after foundation. If you are using a powder foundation always use concealer first.  Use a concealer one or two shades lighter than your skin.  If the concealer doesn’t match your skin tone then yes it may attract a lot of attention making the skin look too bright and it won’t give a natural look. So avoid such situations.

How to choose a correct concealer for your skin type:

Choose a concealer as per your skin type and your skin concerns. If you have a dry skin don’t go with a liquid concealer with the matte finish, if you have oily skin don’t go for a creamy concealer or stick concealer. Select a concealer that exactly matches the color of your foundation.

How to apply concealer:

First of all, rub your fingers on with a full coverage concealer like liquid or creamy concealer, and then dab it under eyes, n blemishes and wrinkles. Layer and blend it until it looks like all one color. After this use a highlighting concealer. Cover your dark circles, areas on sides of nose, brow bones and cupid bow.

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4. Pick Foundation Wisely

Foundation serves a canvas for the rest of your makeup as it smoothens and evens your skin. Foundation is the key ingredient for getting that flawless skin. You have to choose a foundation that matches your concealer and your skin color.

How to choose a good foundation for your skin type:

If your skin is oily use an oil-free, matte finishes liquid foundation. It gives you sheer or medium coverage. If you have a normal skin with even skin tone you may not require a foundation, concealer would be enough. If you have acne, don’t use a sheer foundation. If you have dry skins use a moisturizing liquid foundation as they have the thicker texture and are easy to blend into your skin. Nowadays powder foundations are also in the market. You can use a bb cream or a cc cream for a lighter look. For the everyday purpose, they are easy to use and good for skin as well. They have UV SPF which also protects your skin from sunlight.

How to apply foundation:

You can apply foundation using fingers, brush or sponge. Putting makeup with fingers allows proper blending, however, using a brush prevents acne. Regardless of whether your foundation is liquid, cream or powder, it should be applied first in the center of the face, then to cheek near the nose, chin, and forehead. Blend your foundation properly so that no lines are visible. Avoid your foundation to be too thick as it will give an appearance of a painted face rather than a natural one.

5. Find Your Shade

To find the correct shade of foundation or concealer for your skin it had to match with your skin tone. We need to select the shade as per our skin tone.  To find the best shade, test the color on your neck. Your skin tone is more uniform there than your face. You’ll find the right shade. Or apply foundation on the center of jawline area along the side of the face. If the shade is invisible then you have met your match. Another alternative is by checking your undertones like either we are neutral, warm or cool.

6. Dark circle corrector

For better eyes using a dark circle, corrector is a must.  You can use a one or two shades lighter shades of concealer and foundation. Hide under eye dark circles with a creamy formula which hydrates and lightens the dark circles. It is a free oil cream you can use for even better eyes. It makes skin transparent and the massage tips break up puffiness.

7. Compact

To have a finishing look in your makeup apply a compact straight on top of your foundation. Compact powder works as a great base for contour, bronzer, and shimmer and it holds your makeup for last long.  The compact powder can be applied along with foundation but then keep in mind that this combo can be worn by itself so use it immediately after the primer, or in the end after applying foundation.

How to apply:

First take a compact powder that matches your skin tone and sponge applicator to apply the powder all over the face. But before applying it on face make sure to dab the product first and then apply it and blend it evenly.

Instead of using the sponge you can also use a brush to apply compact powder. And for that, you just have to load the powder onto the brush and remove the excess than by starting from the center apply it all over the face.

8. Apply Sparingly

For having a flawless skin with makeup one should know the procedure of applying powder sparingly.


Mark six dots on your face, two on a forehead, one each on the tip and along the sides of your nose, and the last on your chin. Then start blending these dots with the makeup using your fingers and keep in mind that you always blend down or in sideways never blend it in up direction as it will change the foundation shade from going in peach fuzz.

9. Use Your Fingers

Using finger is essential to blend the liquid towards the corners or perimeter of the face. It makes your makeup look even from every side. It will get translucent as you start moving towards the hairline or in down towards the jaw line and chin.

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10. Diffuse With a Sponge

To extract the excess makeup and the end that get’s around the nose use a clean sponge. It will remove all the excess and will make your look perfect.

11. Hide Imperfections

Applying makeup is all about hiding imperfections and looking beautiful. So it is the one essential thing in applying makeup and you can do that very easily by just following these simple steps:

If you have any dark spots or under eye circles then hide it with creamy concealer first, then apply makeup over it.  Use a yellow-based foundation to get rid of redness of skin or acne. Just apply it smoothly over the red area using a sponge.

12. Powder Your Nose

It all depend on you how you want to look using makeup. If you want to add a shine on your cheeks, forehead or nose then you easily do it on your own. Just dip a large, fluffy brush into a sheer powder and tap off excess, then dust it over the area where you want to.

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