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Lost Half of My Hair Past Rebonding Done 2 Years Back- Can My Lost Hair Be Regrown

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Long, silky, lustrous, healthy and dense hair is a dream of every girl or lady. But being inspired by today’s glamorous world everyone wanted to gain a model look-alike because of which many of you started coloring your hair or have gone through Rebonding for may be several times. Due to which your hair might have turned into rough and lusterless thin thread like structure from beautiful silky and smooth long locks.

Using chemical process such as Rebonding not only affect hair texture and quality but also leads to intense hair fall. If chemicals used in Rebonding goes beyond the limit then it can make the hair scalp dry and weak which leads to hair fall. That’s why your hair demands regular spa, extra care with time to time head massage and treatment with good quality post rebonding otherwise it may turn harmful. If you are suffering from excessive hair loss or any other symptoms like hair thinning, hair splitting, losing luster of hair then you should stop right away and avoid all kind of chemical treatments.

Following things you should take care of before going through any hair treatment includes:

  1. Always opt for a good hair stylist who has good knowledge about his profession. So that he can guide you whether your hairs can sustain any chemical treatment or not and if it can then he must advice you with the best treatment according to your hair texture and all other factors. Inexperienced hair stylist can make rebonding a bad experience for you. While a professional hair stylist from a reputed and trust worthy saloon can make your hair more beautiful and attractive.
  2. Before just going ahead with hair rebonding or any other chemical treatment make sure that your hair stylist is using right products. Cheap chemicals can leave worse effect on your hair and can make it dry and weak.
  3. Just as a precaution or to make sure that your hair won’t through any kind of damage after rebonding. Discuss your hair condition and after treatment effects beforehand with your hair stylist.
  4. Hair rebonding can turn into disaster if it has not been taken care properly. After treatment your hair demands for extra pampering that you should take care of without missing a chance. Otherwise your straight and shiny hair quality will suffer.

After effects of hair rebonding:

If there are good points of hair rebonding such as it makes your hair look straight and shiny then on the flip side it has its negative effects as well. Rebonding for sure affects the natural hair growth, color and texture. The chemicals used in rebonding disorientate the natural ph balance of hair which make the hair and scalp prone to sunlight, dust and changing environment conditions. Sometimes it leaves the hair follicle badly damaged by harsh chemicals which also result in making natural growth of hair worse.

Hair fall a major effect:

One of the major effect that most of the people face after rebonding or any other chemical treatment is hair loss which is big point to think about. As it may lower down your self-confidence and can disappoint you by making your rebonding experience very bad.  But now there is no need to get disappointed if you have lost hair after rebonding because we have several easy and simple home based techniques using which you regain your lost hairs.

Explore few splendid methods that can help you get your natural black and healthy hair back after rebonding or straightening:

  1. Treat your hair with aloe egg mask:

 Lost half of my hair past Rebonding done 2 years back- Can my lost hair be regrown

Aloe Vera is a natural product that is easy to find and works superbly on broken bond of hair by binding them with the help of its healing properties. Whereas egg provides much needed protein to the roots of hair which adds strength in your hair. This mask of aloe and egg is easy to make and apply in few minutes and shows immediate effect as well.

To prepare this mask you need pure aloe extract from the aloe Vera plant and egg white from the eggs according to the length of your hair. Mix this whole mixture well for few seconds and then apply it to the length of the hair. After applying leave it for 20 to 30 minutes then wash it with lukewarm water. After all this procedure apply a good hair serum and don’t forget to repeat this procedure at least two times in a week.

  1. Eat flax seeds daily:

 Lost half of my hair past Rebonding done 2 years back- Can my lost hair be regrown

Flax seeds are full of nutrients like omega-3, copper, selenium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, amino acid and B vitamins that provide required proteins and vitamin to root of hair which are important to have strong and healthy hair.

Daily dose of flax seeds will give you your lost hair within few months but it depends on how regularly you follow them in your diet. There is a question of most of the people that how to eat it so let me help you with that in easiest way. You can make chutney of flax seeds that you can add with your sandwiches, parathas or chapatti. You can also eat them as a mouth freshener after a meal or as a snacks.

  1. Doing exercise is a best habit:

 Lost half of my hair past Rebonding done 2 years back- Can my lost hair be regrown


Exercise plays a prominent role in hair growing as when you do exercise you automatically start sweating and that unclogs the hair follicles which get clogged by dust and dead skin. So unclogging the pores leaves enough space for hair follicles and new hair to grow. Besides, this point exercising improves blood circulation to the scalp that provides enough oxygen and required nutrients to the roots of hair which promotes healthy hair growth.

Hence it is proved that exercising is the best thing not only for your health but also for your hair. So if you want to have long, beautiful, healthy hair then stick to any kind of exercise regularly be it yoga, cycling, running, cardio, playing etc.

  1. Amla the herbal medicine:

 Lost half of my hair past Rebonding done 2 years back- Can my lost hair be regrown


Amla is the best herbal medicine for your hair that can be used as an eatable and as hair mask as well. It is an ultimate hair tonic to take if you are going through any kind of hair problem. It consists antioxidants which are full of vitamin C, minerals, amino acids, flavonoid and tannins. Eating one fresh amla or Indian gooseberry daily is good for hairs as it can stop hair fall, hair graying or any other kind of hair damage. Amla is rich of anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties because of which direct application of amla juice on hair scalp can get you rid of dandruff and unwanted irritation.

You can use only amla as a good toner for your hair and also can use it with several other things to get fabulous and immediate effects such as amla juice mixed with coconut oil can be used for head massage. Amla powder mixed with fenugreek seeds can be used as a hair pack to have silky and shiny hairs. However one of the most effective way to take amla is as a detox drink. In this drink you just need to mix one tablespoon of amla in one glass of water every morning without a miss. This single drink will detoxify your body and not only give you healthy, shiny hair but also it will add a glow in your skin with time.

  1. Make beans and pulses your best friend:

 Lost half of my hair past Rebonding done 2 years back- Can my lost hair be regrown

 If you are vegetarian and want to gain enough amount of protein and vitamin which is required for healthy hair then make pulses and beans your best friend. Lots of hair problem such as hair graying, hair loss, hair splitting etc. starts because of lack of protein in your body that can be avoided if you intake proper amount of protein through pulses and beans. Iron is also another important nutrient that can be received through pulses moreover these things transport oxygen to every cell of body part that affects hair growth.

  1. Make your scalp happy with herbal oils:

Lost half of my hair past Rebonding done 2 years back- Can my lost hair be regrown

Herbal oils consist various healthy components that exports required nutrient to hair cells which lead to regain of lost hair. Herbal oil got millions of healing properties that help in hair growth by making them beautiful than ever. You can find lot of options to select from herbal oils such as amla, coconut, badamrogan, hibiscus, bhringraj, marigold, rosemary, lavender, mustard oil etc. these oils contain high amount of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, polyphenols,  phytosterols, fatty acids and much more that can go deep under the scalp and promote hair growth. Along with these contents it has anti-inflammatory, anti-reddening and anti-fungal properties that restricts graying of hair and dandruff problem which become a reason of itching on scalp.

  1. Eat fresh veggies and fruits as much as you can:

 Lost half of my hair past Rebonding done 2 years back- Can my lost hair be regrown


A healthy diet is a solution of each and every problem and no matter how big the problem is. Our body needs regular supply of all nutrients for healthy hair growth be it anything vitamins, minerals or carbohydrates an equal proportion of everything is important to balance the metabolism. So to get the sufficient amount of nutrient

  1. Instead of using conditioners use herbal rinse:

 Lost half of my hair past Rebonding done 2 years back- Can my lost hair be regrown

With the advancement in cosmetic industry many new products are launched in market such as high branded conditioners, attractive hair serums and shampoos that are full of chemicals which can damage your hair. So rather than using these harsh chemical filled products it is good to use herbal rinse that can give proper nutrition to your hair. Rebonding itself adds a lot of chemicals in hair and applying a conditioner over it means leaving more chemicals on your scalp that can make your hair worse. Hence instead of using fancy- full of fragrance conditioners it is good to use a leave-in conditioner such as oils or plant butters that adds much needed shine in your hair and also work as a healthy food for hair. In oils you can use few drops of coconut, almond, olive, hibiscus or jojoba oil and in butters you can use shea, kokum or aloe butter.

  1. Use technique of fingernails rubbing:

 Lost half of my hair past Rebonding done 2 years back- Can my lost hair be regrown

 Use an ancient technique of fingernails rubbing to regrow the lost hairs and also to get rid from several problems related to hair. This technique works similarly as reflexology technique in which energy get transferred to hair roots through different energy channels and supports in healthy hair growth. You can do it to have long beautiful locks even if you don’t have any hair problem. Moreover some people have even claimed that they had re-gain their lost hairs on bald areas. So it is proved that this technique is really very helpful and the best part about this is it doesn’t demand for any extra efforts.

  1. Treat your hair delicately with wide tooth comb:

 Lost half of my hair past Rebonding done 2 years back- Can my lost hair be regrown

If you really desire for healthy scalp then switch to wide tooth comb from fine comb as the fine comb can cause damage to new growth and hair scalp. Whereas wide tooth comb distribute sebum or natural oil from roots to end and also provides massaging effect that increases blood flow under the scalp which helps in promoting hair growth.

  1. Pamper your hair with spas:

Lost half of my hair past Rebonding done 2 years back- Can my lost hair be regrown

Hair spa is the first and foremost necessity of rebonded hair because after rebonding hair become sensitive towards sunlight, dust particles and many other factors that can cause various hair problems such as splitants, hair loss, hair breakage from middle and many more. But always keep in mind that choose a right hair spa that consist products full of minerals in short means a mineral hair spa. The mineral hair spa can give you wonderful results if you take them regularly once in every month as the products used in this spa are loaded with lots of minerals that are good for hair.

  1. Stay hydrated and stay happy always:

 Lost half of my hair past Rebonding done 2 years back- Can my lost hair be regrown

Just keeping your body hydrated and staying happy all the time can solve your every problem be it related to anything. All methods and treatments are at one side and this tip is at one side. It doesn’t demand for any extra penny or effort, all it need is just staying stress free and keeping your body hydrated.

To keep your body hydrated you can drink a lot of water or detoxifying drinks such as fresh juices or green tea. While to be happy all the time firstly you need to be stress free completely because taking stress can cause unnecessary hair loss. But the good thing is that stress related hair issues are temporary so you can easily treat them.

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