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A Complete Guide to Regular Skin Check-ups and Cosmetic Surgeries

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Many people are not very happy with themselves when they look into the mirror. But trust me you are not alone.  Cosmetic surgeries are the solution and your desire to get those perfect lips, buttocks, slim belly all can be done with a simple surgery.  You can get all the facial features corrected, body parts enhanced and get that perfect shaped body and face through cosmetic surgeries. Before going for an aggressive surgery one should know his/her skin and body completely and should know the flaws that need to be worked on. So yes it’s highly recommended before you go for an expensive makeover know your complete body.

Why are skin checkups important?

Although moisturizer, sunscreen, body lotions or other beauty products that we use in our daily skin care routine helps us to get a beautiful skin but it is not enough for our skin, it demands a lot more than costly beauty products that we use.

Along with different beauty products that you include in your beauty regime also take care of your skin health by scheduling an appointment for your skin from time to time. it is good to follow a habit of regular skin checkups and screenings as it prevents you from several skin diseases and by doing this your health care provider determine the best health care services, screenings for you and also protects your skin from various problems. It also helps you to know about your skin type, skin health and also reduces the chances of skin cancer.

Regular health exams and tests are necessary to find out the problem before they start as per a popular saying: “Prevention is better than cure” and by knowing the problem at early stage you can treat your skin with the help of your health care provider at soonest possible opportunity so that it don’t take a chronic form.

Benefits of regular skin checkups:

There are number of benefits of taking regular skin check up:

  • regular health checkups, screenings, treatments and health care services increase your chance to have a beautiful, glowing and gleaming skin for life long.
  • Regular skin checkups improve your skin tone by making your skin clear and healthy.
  • By getting the right health services one can have impeccable skin to lead a longer and healthier life.
  • Along with the right health care services, treatments and check-ups, accepting healthy lifestyle choices are also important because this adds an inner glow in your skin that is not possible with the help of any screenings.
  • You can get the best recommendations from your physician about your skin to take a better care of your skin.

What exactly is a Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery aims to improve the aesthetic appearance, symmetry, and proportion of a person that is it is concerned with the beauty of a person. Cosmetic surgery is an elective surgery which patient chooses to have to enhance their appearance.  Some people confuse cosmetic surgery with plastic surgery. Plastic surgeries are to reconstruct appearance after injury or illness. Cosmetic surgeries are most popular in the USA.  As per statistics surgeries are more popular amongst ladies as they are more concerned about their facial features than men.

I see women with terribly saggy faces asking if they are too young for a facelift, when it’s already too late, then there are women in their 20s asking for liposuction they are too young for. Here, we give you a top-to-toe guide. Today we are going to discuss the top 20 cosmetic surgeries which are popular in the world. How they are performed, on which section they are performed, what is the perfect time for that particular cosmetic surgery, what is the cost involved; all such questions will be addressed here so that you can get a clear idea and guidance if you are thinking of getting one of them done

Types of cosmetic surgeries with their cost

1. Breast enlargement

skin check-ups and Cosmetic surgeriesIt is also known as Breast Augmentation. This is the process of enlarging women’s breast using saline or silicone filled implants. This is the most popular surgery amongst women. Women prefer this surgery to get a sizable boost in self-esteem. No physical contact should be there with the breast for minimum 3-4 weeks.  Women suffering from breast cancer also undergo breast augmentation. You need to invest that huge amount of $3400 which can be more painful than the surgery. Most patients are aged 25 to 28. Breast implants for girls fewer than 18 are not recommended as their breast are still developing. Fifty is the maximum age limit for breast augmentation.

2. Facelift

skin check-ups and Cosmetic surgeriesIn this procedure, the skin of the face and neck is tightened by removing the extra skin and fat. This is for the older age group. People with sagging skin in the age of 50-60 usually prefer it. But the optimum age for this would be 40 as your skin is livelier and your skin will best adapt with this surgery. The average recovery time is a week or three weeks. Sun exposure should not be there as it can worsen the condition. The average bill is $4500 which can be quite expensive for your pockets.

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3. Liposuction

skin check-ups and Cosmetic surgeriesIn this surgery, the fat is removed from various parts of the body like abdomen, thighs, buttocks, hips or neck. The fat deposits are removed using a tube inserted beneath the skin and fat is sucked out. This procedure will cost you $2300-$5000approx and it is more prevalent amongst women. To be precise 89% cases are of women.  The optimum age for this is 30-35 as before 30 exercising and gaming can do a lot better in maintaining the overall physique. It takes few weeks to recover however 6 months are required to recover from swelling.

4. Breast lift

skin check-ups and Cosmetic surgeriesIt is scientifically known as Mastopexy. This cosmetic surgery is for those women who have sagging breast and who want to raise and reshape their breasts. Breast uplifts are recommended when you are done having children. It gives more youthful contour. This surgery removes the extra skin and repositions the remaining tissue resulting in firm breasts. The average cost for the physician would be $3600 for those firm breasts. The average recovery time is a week or may take a month as well.

5. Rhinoplasty

skin check-ups and Cosmetic surgeriesIt is also called nose job. In this surgery, the nose is reshaped to enhance its appearance on the face. The nose can be made bigger or smaller as per the requirement of the patient. It’s a good idea to do it when young because of the skin “drapes” better than older skin, readapting itself fast to the changed structure. The symmetry of nose, alignment and proper length and size are the key points kept in mind by the surgeon during a nose job. The optimum age for it is 20+ as at this age the bones are grown fully and then you can go under the knife to reshape your nose. It will cost you around $3500 for physician’s fee.

6. Dermabrasion

skin check-ups and Cosmetic surgeriesThis is a bit harsh surgery in which surgeon use a high speed rotating tool on your face to remove the upper layer of the skin leaving the newer one. The upper layer of the face is peeled off completely to remove dead cells and make the underlying skin come over. In this procedure wrinkles and blemishes are treated to get a perfect skin. It may lead to a red face. The average recovery time is 3-6 weeks and you’ll have to invest at least $900 for this treatment.

7. Hair transplantation

skin check-ups and Cosmetic surgeriesThis is one surgery which is more preferred by men than women as at the age of 30-40 they start losing hair and end up having a bald scalp. In this surgery, the hair clusters are inserted into the noggin to get more hair on the scalp. It may require several sittings to get the whole scalp done. You won’t be left with any money for your hair care and hairstyling once you spend $4800 to the surgeon. This surgery is not applicable for alopecia as there is no scope of hair growth on those patches.  It is a long procedure so yes the recovery time would be more but this procedure won’t hamper your day to day deeds.

8. Tummy tuck

skin check-ups and Cosmetic surgeriesIn this surgery, the abdomen is flattened removing the extra fat and skin is removed and abdominal muscles are tightened. It is usually not recommended until you have your last child as you will end up with stretched tummy again. The upper age limit is 60 as you have to be fit for this surgery as it is a major one. Women before 35 usually don’t prefer this. For that flat belly, you always dreamt of it will cost you around $4400 which is costlier than the other surgeries. Recovery time for this surgery is 3-6 weeks.

9. Eyelid surgery

skin check-ups and Cosmetic surgeriesIt is also known as blepharoplasty .This procedure includes removing of drooping eyelids or sagging eye bags below eyes. Lifting sagging eyelids or removing eye bags can make a big difference to your looks. Removal of extra fat, muscle and skin can completely change your look and make your eyes look beautiful. However, this surgery is not responsible for correcting your eyesight. Usually women above the age of 40 go for this surgery. Some with inherited sagging eyelids also undergo this surgery. You’ll have to spend around $2200-$2500 to get those perfect eyes. Recovery time for this is one week or ten days. But people wearing contact lenses should avoid lenses for at least a month.

10. Breast reduction

skin check-ups and Cosmetic surgeriesThis is done for women with larger breasts causing them discomfort and back pain. A larger breast causes problems not only in daily living but also exercising and physical activities. In this surgery, the skin and glandular tissue are removed to make breasts smaller. The average cost is $3000. Women after pregnancy or women who have natural bigger breasts tend to go for this surgery. The optimum age for this procedure is after 35 once you are done with pregnancies. The recovery time is almost 20-30 days as it is also a sensitive area and needs proper care to be recovered.

 11. Forehead lift

skin check-ups and Cosmetic surgeriesThis is again a surgery for people above 40. In this procedure, the fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead are treated by removing the tissues and hence tightening the forehead skin. Again the sun exposure needs to be taken care of. It won’t bring a smile on your face when you’ll spend $2400 for just a forehead lift. Its average recovery time is one to three weeks. Optimum age would be after 35.

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12. Laser skin resurfacing and Photorejuvenation

skin check-ups and Cosmetic surgeriesLaser skin resurfacing is a very aggressive process and is not recommended before 50. It removes skin layer by layer and the new skin developed gives a younger look. The surgeon uses anesthesia while treating the face as it may be scary to you. You may get swelling around your face which is normal. The healing process may take 10-21 days depending on the treatment. You’ll have to spend $2300 for a youthful skin.

If you are a youngster and want to get rid of those scars, texture or skin damage the recommendation would be photo rejuvenation instead of laser skin resurfacing. It uses laser or intense pulsed light to treat skin.  The results of photo rejuvenation are better than laser resurfacing.

13. Male breast reduction

skin check-ups and Cosmetic surgeriesAnother term for male breast reduction would be gynecomastia .Some men tend to have breasts that resemble the women’s. There may be various reasons like hormonal changes, puberty, drugs, taking anabolic steroids or genetic disorders. In this, the mammary glands are removed to reduce the size of breasts. The male breast reduction also costs $3000 and recovery time is 2-3 weeks.

Mammoplasty is a wide term for all the surgeries associated with breast.

14. Chemical peel

skin check-ups and Cosmetic surgeriesThis is popular amongst people with acne or scars. It involves four active ingredients that are Phenol (carbolic acid), TCA (trichloroacetic acid), AHA (glycolic acid) or BHA (salicylic acid). It is of two types:

Deep peel in this people with deeply wrinkled faces, extreme sunburns are treated. The time for complete healing is two months and new skin comes in 10 days.

Light or medium peel this is for women with finely wrinkled skin, the sun damaged or uneven pigmentation.  In this, the healing process is fast compared to deep peel.

For that acne free face or flawless face, you will end up investing $600-$900. Take care of your skin from sunlight. People with genetic disorders and hormonal tend to get more acne and scars and should go for such surgeries.

15. Lip augmentation

skin check-ups and Cosmetic surgeriesThere may be two major reasons for lip augmentation- first may be that your lips are getting thinner with age and second may be by the young women who want their lips to look like celebs. There are very few cases of the latter. In this, the surgeon hollows out some portion of your lips and add implants to give a better shape to your lips. This surgery enhances the look of your overall face as lips are one of the most important features of our face. Those gorgeous full lips will cost you $1200. The average recovery time is 2-3 weeks.

16. Ear surgery

skin check-ups and Cosmetic surgeriesAnother name for this surgery is otoplasty . Ear surgery is used to treat abnormally shaped ears, large ears or protruding ears. The surgeon either reduces the size of the ear or reshapes various bends in the cartilage. This surgery is more prominent in children. The head is usually bandaged for a week for the stitches to heal. Bending of the ear is not allowed for at least one month. This reshaping of ears will cost you $2400.

17. Buttock augmentation and lift

skin check-ups and Cosmetic surgeriesIn the augmentation surgery the size of hips are increased to give them a larger appearance. It is done using silicone implant or put in fat from someone’s body. In the lift surgery, the loose and sagging skin around hips is tightened. The surgeon utilizes incisions which go back around the hips to the front of thighs making the lower body smooth. The average recovery time is one month. The perfect age for this surgery would be after 20 till 60. To get those huge and well-shaped buttocks you’ll have to spend around $3790.

18. Chin augmentation

skin check-ups and Cosmetic surgeriesSurgeons call it mentoplasty. People who are not that confident about their chin use this surgery to enhance their profile. Either an implant is inserted near chin or shape of the chin bone is changed to give proper symmetry to face. Most men go for this surgery. You can do your day to day work but discomfort and swelling may be there for a month or two.  To get that proper balance of facial features you’ll have to give $1200 to the physician.

19. Fat injections (fat grafting)

skin check-ups and Cosmetic surgeriesIn this surgery, the person’s own skin fat is inserted into different areas requiring volume enhancement. People are more happy and satisfied with this surgery as fat is reduced and is added to correct areas. It like two birds is killed with one stone. When fat is removed it is cleaned and sterilized and then used to reinsert into areas lacking fat using needles.  The process is repeated several times to get the best results. For example, the fat from tummy or abdomen can be extracted and can be inserted into buttocks or breasts to get enhanced and larger look. You’ll have to pay $4000-$6000 for getting that extra fat properly placed like for face it is $4000, eyes $2000 and for buttocks, it is $6000 . The recovery period varies as per the procedure you opt for.

20. Cheek augmentation (malar augmentation)

skin check-ups and Cosmetic surgeriesWho don’t desire those chubby pink cheeks which are tempting and glowing? To get those perfect cheeks you may have to go under the knife as we all are not god gifted to get those cheeks. In this procedure, the silicone implant is inserted below the cheek bone to give the face a plump and fuller look. For those pinch inspiring cheeks, you’ll have to pay a high price that is $1800. Average recovery time is one or two months. It is more popular after aging.

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Four golden skin care rules for Cosmetic Surgery Recovery

  1. Use extremely light and mild products for your skin. Due to aggressive procedures, skin may turn red so you really need to take care of your skin like a baby because it becomes as delicate as a baby after a cosmetic surgery. This rule will fasten the recovery process as well.
  2. Sun protection: this is one of the most important rules after a cosmetic surgery. Avoid direct sun and use sunscreen that block alpha and beta sun rays. SPF 30-40 is enough as the higher ones can block the skin pores.
  3. Give time for your wounds to heal. With excitement, you may end up in some infection or scarring. No matter how much you are tempted to flaunt your assets give time to them to recover completely.
  4. Hydrate your body at the optimum levels. Drink at least 8-10 ounces of water daily to keep your body hydrated to flush out toxins from the body and get that inner glow. It is very important for recovery and a healthy output of the procedure.

Although cosmetic surgeries enhance your confidence and make you look great but it has some loopholes as well. Surgeries not done properly can turn out to be big blunders and can make you look more ugly.  But don’t make it an obsession by correcting your eyebrows, then nose then lips and soon as cosmetic surgeries come with their hidden dangers. This will be very heavy in your pocket and not good for the body as well if it becomes a habit. So before opting for any of these get the proper knowledge about it and contact the best surgeon to get it done. “Investigate first and then invest”.

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