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Wearing these less expensive stones can do wonders to your health!

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According to our culture and traditions it is believed that semi-precious gemstones or crystals can be used to heal and promote good health. There is an invisible energy in these stones that can alleviate unwanted stress, headache, improve mental health and also gives you power of positive thinking. Most of the time gemstones are used for ornamental purposes but along with that it can be used for spiritual purposes such as to gain peace, restore energy fields, for meditation, to promote love and safety etc.

There are innumerous gemstones exist on this earth and each gemstone is unique with color, appearance, structure, origin place, story etc and also have some special powers with that. According to our belief system or culture each gemstone is specified with to get placed on certain areas of the body which is known as chakras. Placing a gemstone on its specified chakra plays a significant role in promoting healing power. Moreover it is not so difficult to include these gemstones in your life because you just need to wear them like a piece of jewellery.

If you are going through tough time such as facing health issues that is disturbing your regular life due to which you are facing money or time loss as well. Then explore few of these inexpensive gemstones that can really help you and can make your life and health better without demanding for many efforts.

Here is the list of few semi-precious and very popular gemstones that are not too expensive, easily accessible and have that magical power to completely transform your dull life into exciting.

  1. Tiger Eye Gemstone:

Wearing these less expensive stones can do wonders to your health

Tiger eye is a common gemstone with which most of the people are very familiar because of its splendid appearance. This amazing stone has lovely bands of yellow golden color with silky luster surface that looks very attractive if wore as a piece of jewelry. This gemstone is easily affordable on the price of just a few dollars per carat or can be less than that.

Besides, appearance it has several other powerful healing features that aids harmony and makes balance between your health and life. It relaxes your anxiety and helps you to take over your fears and unnecessary stress. It stimulates your inner confidence by giving you a power of taking discernment decisions without being emotional fool that you used to be once.

In ancient times this gemstone had been used by people as an amulet to protect themselves from evil powers, ill-wishing or to boost up the self-esteem and will strength.

This is one of that stones which has a power of kundli awakening and along with that it keeps balance between your brain and health. So the people who are suffering from mental or personality disorders can take help from this.

If you are kind of person who underestimates himself all the time, criticize your own actions and not happy with your life, may be experiencing lack of self-worth. Then this stone can surely help you by pumping up your self-confidence and making you optimistic, full of life and give you relief in many ways.

This golden or yellow stone is a Capricorn and Geminin birthstone as well therefore people with this zodiac can wear this gemstone in any of the way be it as bracelet, pendant etc.

  1. Citrine Gemstone:

Wearing these less expensive stones can do wonders to your health

Citrine is one of the beautiful and amazing gemstone in shining yellow color. This has very much same appearance as yellow sapphire or yellow diamond. It is strongly believed that citrine is that one powerful gemstone which can provide several benefits in health, wealth, career and much more. Citrine is considered as a symbol of hope, health, happiness, youth and fidelity because it continuously radiates Positive energy that can transform your negative thoughts into positive ones. Wearing it especially in neck or wrist shows wonderful immediate effects and it will give you an immense power of taking decisions independently.

Citrine is highly beneficial for health it decreases the effect of degenerative diseases such as blood impurity diseases, hypertension, thymus related diseases and thyroid related diseases. Besides these degenerative diseases citrine gives relax in constipation, menstrual issues, and hormonal imbalance and also alleviate fatigue.

Only an ideal Citrine gemstone looks flawless and true yellow in color like rainbow yellow color. Moreover an ideal citrine releases a yellow ray which has excellent therapeutic effects that can help you in every way you want to.

  1. Agate Gemstone:

 Wearing these less expensive stones can do wonders to your health

Agate gemstone comes in variety of colors such as Clear, Milky white, Grey, Blue, Green, Pink and Brown that all have their different healing properties and appearance. There are few more agates:Blue Lace Agate, Moss Agate, Dendritic Agate, Fire Agate and Botswana Agate these have created their own identity because of their extra ordinary therapeutic properties and due to their specialized healing properties they have classified into a separate directory.

Agate has so many health benefits such as it improves your concentration power by enhancing mental functioning, gives you power of speaking anything clearly and upfront. This gemstone builds self-confidence and treats the hidden diseases that you ignore in your daily life.

Agate has wonderful healing properties that eliminates and transform all negative energies into positive with its unimaginable cleansing effect. If you are very sensitive or emotional then placing this gemstone on the heart chakra can show desired effects such as it can make you brave and will give you relief from any kind of heart disease. It heals the stomach, eyes and uterus related diseases also and cleanse the lymphatic system, pancreas along with healing skin disorders.

  1. Jasper Gemstone:

 Wearing these less expensive stones can do wonders to your health


Since ancient ages Jasper has been considered as a ‘supreme nurturer’ because of its strong healing and grounding powers. This magical gemstone is quite popular because of its sacred and powerful protection aid. In ancient time jasper has been used by priest, kings and other people in their rituals, talismans and jewelry as a spirit and scared stone of courage, power and wisdom.

There are so many variations come in Jasper gemstone that all hold a strong connection with earth’s energy. We have listed down few jasper stones that can make your life better, optimistic, bright, healthy and wealthy:

Ocean Jasper:

Ocean Jasper is a one gemstone that everyone must have with themselves as it brings happiness, joy and helps you to get over of negative energy. So it is proved to be as one beneficial stone that everyone should have in their crystal collection. Ocean Jasper also known as Cellular Jasper because its splendid therapeutic energy directly shows effect on your deep cellular level.

Red Jasper:

Red jasper is a kind of Jasper stone which can motivate you strongly to go after your dreams because of its excellent therapeutic effects. It gives you energy to that helps in relieving stress, increased blood pressure and high exertion. Besides all these benefits, its healing properties helps you in manifesting creative ideas which is also one major reason that all actor and actresses consider it lucky for them.

Yellow Jasper:

Yellow jasper has a strong connection with Sun due to which it promotes joy, optimism thinking, happiness and so many things that can make your life bright. The healing properties of yellow jasper helps you to gain that missed self confidence in yourself and balances out the solar plexus chakra whenever you feel empty, alone, stressed or tensed. If you are going through a tough time and need a boost up to release all negativity then always carry Yellow jasper along with you.

  1. Hematite Gemstone:

 Wearing these less expensive stones can do wonders to your health


The grayish black stone is popular since ages because of its alternative form of healing properties that includes stopping excessive blood flow, removing poisons from the body. Hematite is a very powerful stone and you can feel its high energy just by holding it in left for a while and you will feel that a certain energy grounding and centering you.  Its energy can help you by providing clear focus and high concentration.

Hematite stone is one semi precious stone which has magnetic properties that can heal all kind of blood pressure related problems, kidney problems and can also strengthen the nerve cells. It can also provide relief in fractured bones, cramps, headache, anemia and any kind of spinal disorder.

Hematite stone is also known as ‘Stress Stone’ and placing it in your pocket or leaving it under your pillow can make your thoughts clear, more focused, balanced and clear. The metaphysical properties of this stone encourages you to always find hope in adverse situations and balances the energies between mind, spirit and body.

  1. Turquoise Gemstone:

 Wearing these less expensive stones can do wonders to your health

Turquoise the very old, popular and one most powerful metaphysical healing stone that had been used by Tibetans and Egyptians for ages because of its spiritual healing powers.

Turquoise stone can all in all provide benefit to whole body and its healing ailments can make the immune, respiratory and skeletal system strong and healthy. Healing powers of turquoise are recommended for detoxification of poison, alcohol, pollution and any kind of radiation. Turquoise can also improve your mental state by providing you positive mental characteristics such as creativity, sensitivity and tranquility.




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